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Cont. from my last post, I think the show has wore out the bad relative storyline.


Daniel Henney is guest staring as Adams brother just released from prison. I'm happy to see Daniel on the show, but hope it's ep. I like Kono~Adam, but I don't it to get messy by adding bad brother.


The present show has taken a totally different approach to the original which wouldnt bother me at all if they did it well. But they don't. They don't know what kind of show they are trying to create. They are trying to merge far to much and its becoming rediculous. WoFat and Shelburne and not the problem, its how they are written. The overall writing is the problem.

I don't want the McDanno show and to be honest am finding it the worst part of the episodes recently. I'm quite happy for other characters and other storylines to immerge, but please improve the writing and the characterization.


Having said that, I still think it's a great show, and when it comes to so much going on each week, I kind of blame the fickle viewers for that. If the show is all about the "crime of the week" you're disappointed because they didn't shed any new light on anything involving Wo Fat. If they bring in a Catherine in order to try and give Mcgarrett a romantic interest, you don't like that either. Someone said that the original wouldn't do well today. First off, ther isn't an actor on this show who could hold a candle to the late Jack Lord in terms of talent. Second, if message boards like this existed in those days, it would shorten the life of your average show by about two years.


To Zia, and everyone else who adamantly likes to say HFO isn't like the original, I agree. However, to the people who want the Wo Fat storyline wrapped up, where would the show be without that constant common thread? Is it similar in nature to the original, yes, but that's ok because it's interesting. I think where HFO went off track a bit was adding so many new, regular characters. If you add in a Max and Catherine, you're going to have to create storylines for them pretty much every week. And when you add in the celebrity guest stars, like an Ed Asner, as well as the recurring characters, thinks can get muddled pretty fast, and think that's what you've seen over the past year plus of the show. In the first season, the plots were a little easier to follow and the characters were easier to flesh out, now, with so much going on in each and every scene, it's almost like they're trying to fit as much plot into each episode as possible.


Lost the end of my comment...

It can't have us being all sympathetic with a character one minute and then expect us to be chuckling with another in the next.


Agree with the rating. Apart from the funeral, and the ending, everything in between was boring and confusing - and I usually like case eps. This definitely won't be an ep to get viewers back.

What's starting to worry me about H5O is the so-called humour. I don't always find the banter funny at the best of times - though I have been known to laugh out loud occasionally. But these last two eps, it's even more out-of-place and inappropriate than usual? "Boo boo etc" from Steve, when Chin is going through the trauma of having his wife murdered? "Marriage etc" from Danno in the middle of a hostage situation? "Crispy" from Danno - when they're standing close to a murder victim who has suffered the same fate as Danno's ex-partner?

Guys here say we shouldn't take H5O so seriously - its just entertainment - so murder and hostage situations are meant to be taken so lightly? I wasn't aware that H5O was dark humour? H5O has got to make up its mind what its supposed to be. It can't have us being all sympathetic with a character one minute and then expect us to be chuckling with another in the next.


Terrible episode!!! The death of March was ridiculous, and Catherine story it was senseless, I do not think you can put so many passwords of WITSEC, without being blocked or being advised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!who writes the scripts? A Kid??????


How predictable telling those that have issues with the show to stop watching.

Far too many people have stopped watching already and will continue to if the show continues to be so mediocre. I understand that people watch for various reasons but while some may be satisfied with what the show is giving them, its clear that many are not and it's reflected in the ratings.

I have no interest in the staged bromance scenes, but do care about intelligent writing and believable stories and characters. Hawaii Five O is lacking on all fronts at the moment and unless it improves it won't really matter what a handful of internet fans want.



THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! You made my day aswell.

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