Hawaii Five-0 Review: All Aboard the USS Bromance

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"Lana I Ka Maona:" Adrift

For all of us who have enjoyed the "bromance" moments and the "carguments" over the last three seasons, this week’s Hawaii Five-0 episode gave us something we have been hoping for for a while. Steve and Danny. Hanging out. Just the two of them.

Of course, given that the time they spent together included being boat-jacked, stranded at sea in a sinking dingy, chased by sharks and finding a crime scene at sea, maybe they want to actually relax a bit next time. Still, you have to admit the two of them on the ocean created some of the best Hawaii Five-0 quotes we've enjoyed this year.

McGarrett and Danny On A Boat

Long time viewers know that Danny has not been a big fan of the ocean. Learning that Danny's childhood friend drowned trying to help him explained a lot about his dislike, but also some nice info about Danny himself.

This was one of the first glimpses we've had into Danny’s childhood. I hope we get a few more. We know a lot about Steve, while Kono and Chin talk about being kids fairly often. The same can't be said for this snarky character.

I’m also thrilled that this installment was better put together than the last episode. The pacing was well done, action was consistent - and watching Kono take down Scates and then handcuff him to the rail was pretty awesome. My only confusion was Catherine coming along with Chin and Kono to raid Scates’ apartment. 

When did Catherine join Five-0? Why would a Navy communication officer have a bullet proof vest and gun to wear off duty to a crime scene? I can see an ex-Navy Seal like Steve having that type of gear, but Catherine is not a Seal... unless I missed her being reassigned. 

The irony is that Michelle Borth fit right in with Kono and Chin and would make a great addition to the team. Except for that whole sleeping with Steve thing, which might be awkward around the office the next day. 

Finally, how long did it take Lost fans to recognize the actress playing Katie Burgess as Cynthia Watros, who played Libby? It was good to see another former Lost alumni on the show – albeit briefly. Speaking of on the show again, here's hoping that Steve’s mom returns soon, as I really want to see more of Doris McGarrett in action. 


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I'm a CASTLE fan too. I record it while I watch Hawaii 50. Nathan and Stana and Grace are all CANADIAN. Yee-haw! Great, eh!!


Deanna....I agree, the show is going at a pace that it should be. Chin is the appropriate sadness and does a great job of showing how people have emotional ups and downs when trying to deal with a death of a close one. As for Catherine, some people just aren't going to accept anyone else, and thats their choice. But if people keep saying the same complaints, with hardly any praise, then why watch, or are they already watching another show that they like better, but have to stop by to give H50 a jab or two? Makes me wonder, Castle fans. Thats pretty sad if its true. Now I'm sure we will get the usual, don't tell me how I should feel.


"Give the characters a chance"
I've been giving them a chance for nearly 3 years but so far neither Chin or Kono have had their own episode. Danny doesn't contribute anything except ranting and complaining. Steve is just action guy and the brunt of Danny's rants. I wasn't invested at all in Malia as we never saw her enough. DDK is a fine actor but suddenly being all sad and gloomy doesn't constitute character development for Chin. Mom McG is a joke and thinks she can act all "mommy" like as if she'd never been away. Cath has no purpose but to do favours for Steve. The characters have actually regressed since season one.


I agree, Deanna. The season just started...give the writers a chance to develop the background story. I think they are doing justice to the core 4 and then some. Chin's character development is wonderfully heart wrenching and DDK is a phenomenal actor. The emotions, the sadness of Malia's loss, the worry he shows for Kono is exactly where it should be at this point of the story. The building of what Catherine and Steve mean to each other is at a good pace. I appreciate that they showed Catherine as bad-ass as Kono in her first episode this season and able to handle a fight scene. Unlike Lori who merely spoke about how good she was and having to be rescued by Steve. This season is much better in the intro of new charac. I hope Mom stays for awhile..everyone needs their Mom and answers to questions. Give the characters a chance...just sayin'


Continued) A lot is going on, on mondays, and I am hoping that people come back to see how the stories are great, they are bringing Catherine along the way they should. We are learning about Danny's background and I hope that people watch the show with an open mind. By the way a lot of the complaints are complaints that I find on the other reviews on this site, of other shows: "not real", "don't like need the new character", "the previous seasons were better", "they need new writers".
These comments and many more are 95% of the reviews.


I very much like the bromance and this show. The core 4 story lines are getting better, it takes time to play a story out and they only have so much time to do it. I hope people just let it play out. Everyone says its not as good as the first year. I've watched the first year again, and other then the core 4 being closer now, there is not really all that much that is different. I agree the writers have made some mistakes, but they have also done some great development. I think Steve should have a woman in his life, so Catherine is perfect for him. His mother coming back from the dead was a natural progression of how TV shows run things, and the actress they got was an actress that has a history of awards. Chin's storyline is being played beautifully by DDK, and Kono and Adam will develop as well. I think some of the problem is the complaints starting before the season even started, so those people made up their mind from the start. There is a lot going on, on mondays as far as TV, so I hope people come back later in the season. They did last year.


I agree that this was a very enjoyable episode. Having watched a lot of procedurals in my life (including the original 5-0), I've come to the conclusion that each one has its own personality. You can't criticize 5-0's McGarrett for lacking the emotional angst of Patrick Jane. Each show must be judged on its OWN merits. IMO 5-0 really makes the most of its unique characteristics, which include the gorgeous setting, military backgrounds, chemistry among the characters, and the whole "family" feeling of the team. I personally love the scenes when everyone is off-duty (including the M.E.) and they choose to spend time hanging out with one another. No other procedural that I know of other than BONES (which is going on its 8th season) shows characters willing to be this close, and it's nice to watch.


The show is becoming forgettable. The same rehased stuff each week. The bromance is reducing the characters to bickering annoying kids. Danny grates on my nerves so much. It seems the writers have killed every likeable aspect of his character. Lenkov needs to stop listening to the same adoring fans demanding the McDanno show. The show has so much more potential than the odd couple vibe. Please utilise the rest of the wonderful cast and stop ramming the bromance down our throats before it's too late to save the show.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Steve: Set the Hook!
Danny: Stop the backseat fishing!

Steve: Time out, I thought the mission today was to get you your first tuna
Danny: Why does everything have to be a mission?
Steve: . The goal was to help you catch an Ahi.
Danny: There's no goal, there's no mission; we're just fishing. We have a couple of laughs, maybe we catch a fish, maybe we don't