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I know "Double Jeopardy" wasn't supposed to be funny - after all, people were being attacked for their wrong doings in very appropriate ways - but Duke was on fire and I wanted to laugh at everything he said. So what was so darn humorous?

It started out with Duke seeing what looked like a Grecian Goddess slicing his tires. We later learned she was attacking people for their wrongs, scooping out the eyeballs of a peeping tom, breaking all the bones of a woman who shook her baby. Not funny. 

Then Duke raised his hand and said, "parking tickets." Seriously? Tell me that's not funny. She got him for something else as well, and he was really worried about that little murder he committed to save the family of organ snatchers a few episodes back, but it would happen that someone would frak up Duke over parking tickets. Hilarious!

When she blew to pieces of plaster when Audrey shot her, we learned she was the incarnation of Lady Justice herself.

Audrey's Protecting Criminals

Duke and Audrey spent a night together under the guise of her protecting him, but also using him as bait to lure the goddess. That gave the two of them a wonderful opportunity to connect and their conversation was great. I know there is a part of Duke who thinks he wants more from Audrey, but they make excellent friends. It's a quite unique partnership, and I'm glad he hasn't pushed the issue. There is a woman in Haven, or there will be, for Duke.

I'd like to see him with Claire, and look forward to an increase in their screen time. That would also allow Audrey and Claire to enter into discussions about Nathan and Duke while they're having their sessions. How fun would that be? The little chats between Claire and Audrey have been welcome additions to the hour each week, and I'm interested in getting Claire even more involved. 

Audrey still isn't letting Nathan get close, and he's determined to find the link between the Guard, the bolt gun killer and Audrey's fate. Nathan is telling Audrey too much about his infiltration of the Guard. The less she knows, the better. She doesn't need to be aware that he's spending time with another woman, even if it's to help her. It could drive her even further away. Audrey hanging out with Duke is already rubbing Nathan the wrong way, so we need as little friction between the lovebirds as possible.

Jordan asked Nathan to help the Guard with a transfer of a criminal, and it looked like she had nefarious reasons for doing so. As Nathan watched, she commandeered the transfer van and used her trouble to take the men down. Watching her hurt those men was powerful. She hated it. Even though she knew she was doing it for what she must have considered good reasons, it practically brought her to tears to put them into such pain. That could explain why she was so shocked to learn how quickly Nathan had accomplished his task to transfer the guy; she knew what was required of her.

Showing her in action, and not enjoying it, made her character more authentic. Now I want to know more. What I don't want is for Nathan to toy with her and hurt her. Given the reason the Guard helped the man escape prison, so far they aren't in the wrong. Until she deserves to be used, I'd rather he find other methods to gain her trust.

Once again, the Trouble this week was top notch. The ending was fantastic. Duke put his life on the line and the Troubled woman was the one who paid the final price, ascending into the very painting from which she summoned Lady Justice.

There is so much about Haven to like. The usage of character and their growth is amazing. The ongoing mystery is compelling, but never overshadowed by the cases of the week. Those cases, in lesser hands, could be hum drum and boring. Instead they add to the suspense and through them we learn more about the town and its residents. This season we have a long running investigation into the bolt gun killer, meshing into the weekly Troubles and the overarching enigma of the destiny of Audrey Parker.

If Audrey was right, it looked like that story just got bigger because the bolt gun killer might be putting together a woman. Perhaps one that will look just like, or even replace, Audrey herself.

Take to the comments and share what you're thinking. If you want to relive some of the funnier moments, check out the Haven quotes. Then, let's see if we can solve the mystery!


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Just because Nathan wasnt going all horny for Audrey, doesnt mean hes insipid. I have nothing against Duke at all, actually quite pissed at Nathan for being a jerk to Duke. He does not deserve that. But after all is said and done, Nathan is the better choice for Audrey. Its like he cant catch a break, he doesnt have "fire" with Audrey but at the same time he has with Jordan and when hes not being a nice guy and being a jerk then also u guys have problems? I dont know why Audrey and Duke shippers are so blind and rude .


Yeah its same old song and dance like on Lost put Kate with Jack how boring to me Nathan is Jack and Duke is Sawyer but in the end they always throw the women with the GOODIE GOODIE unlike real life where she always takes the hard case wanting to fix him. No offense but Audry would choose Duke over Nathan in a heartbeat in real life just as Kate would of pick Sawyer on LOST! Writers are to predictable throwing them always with the WHITE KNIGHT but who really is the Knight like in Lost Sawyer was a Hero the whole show as Duke is just not 100% White all the time lol.


I love the chem between Audrey and Duke and really can't stand Nathan. I don't know why everyone always thinks the women should choice the easy safe choice and I know Duke isn't perfect but he is far from bad or evil and Audrey gets that perhaps she is the only one that really knows him.
I personally think she would be best for him making him a better person perhaps that is what is different about her this time she cares or loves the man she is suppose to kill like Dukes father she might have a hard time killing Duke when the time comes!


@DMH Thanks :)


Awesome episode, as usual. I like Duke, but I definitely don't want to see anything happen between him and Audrey....I really love their friendship and a love triangle would just end any chance of friendship between him and Nathan. I don't really have a problem with Nathan's behavior towards Audrey or Duke...it actually makes perfect sense to me. However, I do have some mixed feelings about Nathan's relationship with Jordin. His intentions are good, but by playing towards her vulnerabilities, he really has the potential to hurt her, and so far, she doesn't seem to deserve it.


I want Audrey and Duke together. Period. Nathan is insipid. I think he showed more fire with Jordan than he has shown all 3 seasons. Let him stay with jordan or whoever else and leave Duke and Audrey alone. Is Duke the Colorado kid? Am I the only one that thinks this?


The only person Nathan can feel physically is Audrey.


Just a question - can Nathan FEEL Jordan like he can feel Audrey? I know he's not affected by the pain, but what about general physical feeling?


What a stellar episode! I got a real scare when the Lady of Justice turned up behind Duke after that quiet chat with Audrey, that was really unexpected. The new set of cases of the week have complex resolutions that require coordinated thinking between multiple people and I'm loving that. Love Duke & Tommy's convos, more please! And though I'm a die-hard Nathan & Audrey fan, Nathan really brought it with Jordan, it was an intense scene and kiss. Makes me wonder what it's going to be like when (not if) he gets the chance to really kiss Audrey. I also don't think he's entirely using Jordan, he's a kindred spirit with her given their complimentary troubles that has alienated them both from normal romantic relationships so far. Haven's on fire this season, LOVE it.


3). Nathan and Audrey: I would like to see more emotional interaction between the two, talk about what's between them and the fear of losing that. I can
tell their is so much they want to say but Audrey keeps backing up. 3). Claire and Duke: would like to see them together. 4). Bolt Gun killer: he's gathering parts (all from females)? Building another Audrey? Why? For Whom?

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They took his eyes out with a spoon. His eyes.