Hart of Dixie Review: Revenge in Bluebell?

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"Always on My Mind" was probably one of the funniest Hart of Dixie episodes to date. I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard at the show. It was fun, hilarious and definitely entertaining. Very well done overall.

When the gour started we saw that Zoe and Wade were at it again... well actually, they were just finishing. As much as Zoe won't admit it, she likes her little fling with Wade. Let's all be honest, who wouldn't? Wade Kinsella is one good looking country boy. Wade was right when he said she was addicted. 

Ready for BlueBellapalooza

Throughout this episode the theme seemed to be being the best version of yourself. Lavon was happier around Ruby and vice versa, Rose was trying to make herself content by throwing the BlueBellapalooza, Zoe was attempting to NOT have sex with Wade, George was trying to move on, Brick has a new girlfriend, Lemon was hoping to find herself, and Wade was, well... Wade.

Everyone had something to do and had their own little storyline in the episode and that was my favorite part. Everyone mattered. 

Let's start with Zoe and Wade. Their storyline is becoming more and more interesting to me. First they can't stop having sex and so Wade bets Zoe they'll hook up within the next 48 hours, but unfortunately for Wade, they didn't. The tension between both of them tonight was the best it has been all series and I honestly felt their connection. I believed it and now I want more. 

Poor George. He was finally doing so well with the new girl and was in high hopes of moving on, but Lemon unintentionally ruined it. I enjoyed seeing George, after everything, still going over to Lemon to make sure that she was okay and then she actually smiled. Lemon grows more and more each episode. All she wants to do is prove to her daddy that she could make it on her own and that is why she is my favorite. Yes, Lemon Breeland is my favorite. Just wait, you'll see it eventually.

When I was talking to Tim Matheson, I asked him if Brick was going to let Lemon go and allow her learn how to be on her own and he said that Brick was going to have a hard time with that. Obviously, he is. He tried a numerous amount of times tonight to convince Lemon to work for him. I think we all were saying that it's time to get let fly, Brick. Lemon is in her 30's. It's sweet to see him holding on but it's also selfish and pathetic. But Lemon needs to learn how to be her own person.

Moving onto Ruby. Let me just say, I love her. I knew it was going to be her running against Lavon! How perfect is this? The current mayor up against his old flame whose heart he broke. Can we all agree that Revenge has moved to Bluebell, Alabama! This is definitely going to make things interesting. Cress Williams recently said that "sparks will fly" between Lavon and Ruby and since she will be his competition, does this mean that the sparks aren't so nice? I have no idea but I look forward to finding out.

In the end Zoe still doesn't know who she wants to be with. You have sweet and innocent George who all of the sudden has amazing singing skills. Then you have Wade, who doesn't like to wear shirts and works at the Rammer Jammer. They are both complete opposites and it makes for good television. I hope that from here on out their love triangle doesn't get cheesy; it has some really good potential.

It's nice to see Hart of Dixie go towards a lighter side and have much more comedy than the first season. Tonight's episode was definitely one of the best yet. They have a good set up started and I'm ready to see where it all goes. Also, give us more Rose, I find her so charming and adorable. 

Next week it looks like a new illness will be going around Bluebell and will everyone blame Zoe Hart? Probably!


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This was a really good episode because it had it all, this back and forth bickering with sexual tension between Zoe and Wade are priceless to see. And it somewhat amazes me after seing that clusterf*** for a season premiere of Gossip Girl that Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz can produce something as good as this. Or maybe it was a fluke, because on GG you two are lacking imaginative skills and are plain and simple talentless. But that's what's to expect when you all started pandering to the crazy fans out there - You know the furniture squad.


@ Margaret: "I am so happy that they've given George this new side that no one had seen yet." Another part that bugs me - all the girls suddenly in awe of George's singing. How could they not have seen this side of him yet? With the amount of crazy events Bluebell gets up to and Lemon's probably forced him into over the years? It's a side the audience has seen of him after only "knowing" him a year. It's a side we've seen of Lemon, Brick, Magnolia, Wanda, Tom, random guest performances, etc. etc. Perhaps HoD is trying to compete against The Voice! Personally, I'd prefer to see more acting and less singing. Much more importantly, I'd prefer to see more thought put into wrapping up storylines (e.g. they could/should have had another scene with Brick and Lemon seeing as how she nearly killed his date) instead of wasting limited screentime on another musical production number. And then trying to convince us that this was something no one in the town knew he was capable of!


I LOVED that we were treating to hearing scott porter sing again!! as a musical theatre geek & with the knowledge that he was in the original cast of the off-broadway classic Alter Boyz, I am so happy that they've given George this new side that no one had seen yet. Plus, Scott has an awesome voice!!


I used to love Wade but am finding him harder and harder to handle. I actually find myself moving more in the George/Zoe direction every week. It seems like Wade's personality has become completely over the top and I am getting annoyed watching the scenes he is in, which I used to love! Zoe and George's relationship seems understated which is growing on me.

Sarah silva

This was a pretty good epiosde. Last season near the end I was a little tired of the show as seeing Zoe and Wade one up eachother was a little much. So far this season I am enjoying it alot! I really hope it does not go the same direction. Saying that I have been team Zade from the start!
I predict Lavon will be Mayor again and he and Ruby will be a couple!


I still like the Wade/Zoe pairing, and hope they end up together. I did feel like shaking Zoe this week though, she was a little too wish-washy. I love Rose, and hope she's in it more. I want to know where Shelley is! She's a great addition, and needs to come back!


(continued) treated in Bluebelle due to Lavon not breaking up with her and Lemon being well Lemon, belle of the ball etc? Also I am unsurprised to see that she intends to run for Mayor - best way to hurt Lavon, as he loves his mayoral status. And her smile as she left him was definitely tinged with some wickedness.
And Zoe was right, even when we're grown up we still sometimes cannot figure out what we truly want especially in a situation such as hers, or when the person is right in front of us.
Cannot wait to see next week's episode


I kinda of find Zoe a bit selfish this episode, she does not want either of them to have a relationship or a sexual partner unless it is her. Just make up your mind it's not cute in the circumstances, it's just selfish.
I can't believe I am saying this but Lemon is actually nicer in this episode than Zoe, if George chose to return to her and after forcing him to grovel, she took him back I would approve. I actually liked their dynamic and even though they are exs he wanted to cheer her.
Did George get fatter?
Personally I like Zoe and Wade together but at least he is somewhat coming in to accepting he has some element of feelings for her. She however *rolls eyes* is behaving like a 5 year old with toys, mine, mine! But doesn't want to keep one toy but all.
And wow Lily Anne's hatred is hilarious and her song- Run From Wade gives you instructions to get away from Wade. And Lily Ann is a total nutjob as Wade stated.
Is Ruby evil? Or is she just bitter about the way she was treated in Bluebelle? And I am unsurprised that she wants to run for Mayor - best way to hurt Lavon.


(continued)...maybe with less cuteness, tough.


I also love Lemon she's one of my favorite character. She may be a bit stereotypical but she reminds me a bit of a certain Blair Waldorf... mayb

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[To George] Excuse me, I have to go marry the ketchup's. Maybe they'll go through with it


Zoe: I have gone years with out sex!
Lavon: Yeah, that may be the problem...