Hart of Dixie Review: Choices, Cake Knives and Fresh Starts

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"I Fall to Pieces" opened right where Hart of Dixie Season 1 left off. The next morning, to be exact. The last thing we saw was that Zoe and Wade had finally consummated their relationship and George ended his engagement with Lemon in the most dramatic way possible. 

When Zoe awoke the next day, she saw a sleeping Wade Kinsella and George calling her cell phone. Zoe was definitely conflicted and so she went straight to the person who had been her best friend in Bluebell, Lavon. Obviously not having changed, Lavon laughed at the fact Zoe had slept with Wade, while most of us were saying, "finally!"

Rivals No More?

For most of the opening season I adored Wade and all of his immaturity - but here I can tell you that I definitely did not. I have always wanted Wade and Zoe to be together but after the way he acted, I'm not so sure I feel that way anymore. I guess in a positive light I look forward to watching Wade grow up a bit this season and maybe then I'll change my mind back.

For now, though, I can't say I don't enjoy the "friends with benefits" thing they have going on right now. 

Then there was the charming and adorable George, who was very open with his feelings about Zoe in the sweetest way. It was so adorable that it had me thinking that George definitely needed to slow down. Thank goodness Zoe came to that same conclusion at the end of the episode. I completely agree that George needs to date around because Zoe deserves to be more than a rebound. 

One thing that I absolutely loved about this episode was the introduction of the newest character, Ruby. Her first comment was about Zoe's shoes and as a fellow fangirl I can definitely agree that Zoe has the best footwear in Bluebell. It was at that moment I knew I'd like Ruby. I hope we continue to see more of a friendship between Ruby and Zoe because she needs a good "girlfriend."

Another thing I enjoyed about Ruby was her past relationship with Lavon; I assume since she'll be staying around we will be getting more of their story. 

Let me take a moment to talk about Lemon Breeland. We've only known her as George's fiancé and the crazy lady in Bluebell. Now that she is going to start redefining herself, I will stand by my season one theory that she will be one of the characters that will grow the most in this series. Some of that growth happened tonight and I loved it!

She sat down with Zoe and, even though drugged, she was able to listen to Zoe and take her advice. Lemon said she'll hate her for as long as she lives but can we all agree that their is a small possibility those two will be friends in the future? 

I didn't care too much about the "hostage" situation that had the whole small town of Bluebell anxiously waiting outside Zoe's house.

Overall, this was a pretty decent season premiere. They've seemed to change the tone of the show to funnier and much lighter than season one, so far, and I'm glad. I think a tone change needed to be done. I can't wait to see how the rest of this season plays out! 


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Iam sick of both Zoey and George and for all I care they can move to NY - they do nothing but hurt people. I don't understand why Zoey didn't tell Wade George was at the door after all she just slept with Wade or why she had the need to brag about having 2 boyfriends- one she stole for another woman. Lemon is hurting and all Zoey could talk about was how HER life was messed up. Your are RIGHT as long was Lalia is writing the episodes George will never be like but he never takes responsibility for his action. Wade to the moon and back.


@T "Truthfully, I like George. I think he has great potential to be a complex character. But not with these writers." Exactly... and to add to that I'd say in any small town (even fictional ones), a love triangle eventually gets boring and ridiculous so the writers need to start stepping it up (yes, already!). "George never is the one dealing with the consequences of his actions, never learns, never grows. No matter how flawed they write him, they never seem to realize that he has flaws." I'd definitely agree with that - they're so side tracked with the plan that George has to be viewed as "the one" for Zoe - HE was the guy Zoe first met - HE IS HER SOUL MATE VIEWERS!! ...did you not see the CW promotional images of Zoe and George that read "soul mates aren't always attached" ?! ...and now this season Zoe's on the truck WITH George whilst Wade has been horribly photoshopped and kicked off to the side of the season 2 promo shots :D LOL. ...sorry.


I did find it rather...well, totally expected, actually, that the entire town was cleaning up the mess of the storm/wedding, Magnolia was dealing with the gifts, Brick - aborted attempt at a date aside - was trying to make sure Lemon was OK, Lemon was trying to figure out the rest of her life. And George's only concern was why his dream girl (this week) wasn't leaping into his arms fast enough. And yet, people were still putting the blame on Zoe, Lemon, even Wade. George can do no wrong. Truthfully, I like George. I think he has great potential to be a complex character. But not with these writers. Because, while they seem to recognize that the town's perceptions of Zoe as a she-devil outsider and Wade as a good-for-nothing bad boy are inaccurate, they have bought the Golden Boy hook, line and sinker. George never is the one dealing with the consequences of his actions, never learns, never grows. No matter how flawed they write him, they never seem to realize that he has flaws.


George was an ENGAGED man he had not business running around with Zoey. How would you like it if your husband ran around with another woman? He should have been giving that attention to Lemon and not obessing after other woman. He is a CHEATER. What bothers me the most is that they wasted over the whole MESS. Zoey and George were both wrong but Lemon was the only one hurting. Don't want to hear about the affair because George was obessing over Zoey before he find out about the affair. I guess he welcome the news about the affair because as Lalia put it he is Zoey soulmate (lol) but first they had to get rid of poor Lemon.


Yeah, I didn't like how that episode played out. George and Zoey were the cause of this MESS but yet they walk away untouched. George didn't have the decency or respect to ask Lemon if she was okay... she was hurting and embarrassed but all he cared about was his obession with Zoey...it bothers me how he has ignored Lemon and done so since Zoey came to that town. To top it off , Wade was accused of sleeping with Lemon...he had nothing to do with that wedding MESS. Why was Zoey bragging about having 2 boyfriends when she WAS part to blame for this MESS?


Love you Wade and we all know you love Zoey.


Love, Love Wade/Bethel VERY talented. Iam with him no matter what! I hate the way they showed him last night - but I guess it was to take the heat off of George and Zoey and their behavior (cheating). Yeah Saint George cheated.


Iam Wade with/without Zoey. Bethel is the most interesting character on that show. I think characters are being altered for Porter/George benefit
Yes, Lalia he is still the most boring character on that show - he was miscasted for the part. T.. they should have deal more with Goerge and Zoey inappropriate behavior but I think they used Wade's immature behavior as a means out.


I like Wade/Bethel but, I don't always like the way he is depicted. I think alot of this has to do with Porter - he is still struggling with that role and it shows. It's season 2 and he is still boring/uneventful. I don't think Leila wants Wade/Bethel to have any more leverage over Porter then what he aleeady has. Wade/Bethel is too likeable and keeping him immature leave the door open for Porter/George and Bilson/Zoey. I think Lalie is gointg to screw her own show. Sorry but Porter does not have it here no matter how much he tries. Bethel is the most interesting charactr on that show and when you destroy him the show is over. A love triangle is only as good as it's players - Porter is simply no completion. Outside of Wade and Zoey there is nothing to the show- the other characters are just there.


@Don't be fooled. So because Wade's experienced at physical relationships, he's therefore experienced at actual love and adult commitment? Having "chased around" girls is not the same thing as putting it all on the line when the person you have feelings for just found out the person she's been obsessing over for months called off his wedding for her. On top of that, Zoe lied to Wade about it after supposedly "making a connection" with him hours before. As many people have noted, very few people, not even Zoe, misunderstood his immature motivations behind his response. Yes, viewers are frustrated, but I don't think anyone's fooled regarding Wade. Apparently many people ARE still fooled by Perfect Nice Guy George and Evil Selfish Lemon, though...

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