Happy Endings Review: Keepin' It Cazsh

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After an extra long wait, Happy Endings returned to our screens with not one but TWO Miami Heat jokes. It's safe to say that, as a New Yorker, I was in love with "Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires".

Picking up where we left off last spring, Penny was still dating Brian Austin Green, who she met at the Skype table at the wedding. In an attempt to make it seem like a proposal, he propositioned Penny to go base jumping off of a building. I guess they broke up when she decided to take the stairs and face planted down several floors. Luckily Casey Rose Wilson does physical comedy well.

Penny's Recovery

As you can see above, only Penny would accessorize a body cast with a jaunty scarf. Max is really a beautiful mind when it comes to making up excuses. Who else would tell their friend's doctor that they couldn't come to their appointment because they were using their body cast to smuggle drugs to Bolivia?

Max and Penny are perhaps one of my favorite best friend duos of all time. Only two people that ridiculous could get away with "Misery"-ing each other and still laugh about it. For those who don't recall, Misery was a movie based on a Stephen King novel. It starred Kathy Bates as she kept a writer hostage by drugging him. Max used this tactic on poor Penny so he could seduce her physical therapist.

A less exciting duo would be Dave and Alex. Who are obviously getting back together eventually. Clearly Dave would dye his goatee. Where did Alex find a playgirl model at the last minute? Now they're moving in together. And don't think that Penny's comment about her weird crush on Dave was ignored by me, I'm just not sure what to make of it.

Were you surprised by their hook-up?

Jane was landing zingers all night, while her husband lied about his employment. How did Brad get a new job so quickly? Only he would make a replica photo of their apartment in order to extend such an elaborate lie. Brad should just spend more time with Sin-Brad. Love it.

Favorite line of the night obviously went to Jane:

I'll tell you what doesn't count, the Miami Heat's most recent NBA championship. It was an injury plagued shortened season, therefore Lebron still needs 6 rings to even get into the conversation with Jordan. Also Chris Bosh looks like one of Omar's boyfriends from The Wire. | permalink

I loved the first episode back and am so excited to be reunited with the Happy Endings crew. How about you? Hit the comments!

Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires Review

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