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don't know why pierce wasn't in a psychiatric facility with wesen supervision like the girl last week. he has wesen DID (dissociative identity disorder) aka multiple personality disorder.


Really enjoyed the program - in fact, got up to make some popcorn halfway through! Renard walking around the house was VERY creepy. Part of me wishes he would get something go with Juliette because he is so - compelling. The other part thinks that I would rather Nick find out about this new development first and have one over on the captain.

BTW, LOVE how Nick and Hank are now so in sync about these investigations. And Nick wiping the floor with that kid was tough! He is one mean dude when he needs to be! Guess you don't grow up to be a Grimm without some inherent toughness and class A reflexes.

My least favorite part of the show is the European connection; the stepbrother part. That part just makes me nervous and I really don't enjoy it.


Good episode. 2 immature wesen killers in a row wasn't good.


That scene with Renard walking about Nicks house was creepy. Good job. Another excellent episode, thanks. Can hardly wait till next week. Good review.


I believe the scene with Renard in the car is the "purity" part of the potion wearing off. From Mrs. Schade's comments, I believed her lumpy liquid was a chemical suppresant of Renard's Hexenbiest side to make him "pure of heart." But, now it's coming back with a vengeance to the point where he's losing control and becoming distracted. Just because the purity wears off though doesn't mean the emotional fixation will go away, as Monroe indicated. Yeah, reverse Viagra not pretty. Sounds like chemical castration. Ewww!


I like this episode. I cannot wait to know what Adalind is planning and I am glad that we finally know how Renard got to Portland. I knew it was the boy but the hybrid part I did not know. Wouldn't it had been better to lock him up in a asylum.


Your review was much better than the episode. Nicely done!

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