Grimm Review: Fate Only Pulls in One Direction

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One of Grimm’s best assets is the ability to show someone’s true colors. What is just below the exterior of a character?

"The Bottle Imp" did just that, and in a way that made both the procedural story and the continuing character arcs richer.

Hank & Nick On the Move

The plot twist of the little girl, April, being the Wesen hurting and murdering people didn’t surprise me too much, considering the Grimm-pedia specifically mentioned “offspring” (while being conveniently left out by Nick and Hank).

But what did take me aback - and what was so much fun to watch - was this living and breathing Wesen world that each creature adapts to and carves out for his/her kind. April’s family members know that as they grow up hormones tend to send them out of control, and to provide a counterbalance to that they have a Wesen of their own looking out for them and keeping them in line in at Juvenile Detention.

The biggest take away from the entire case this week was Nick’s reaction to April near the end when he kept watching her in the interrogation room. There are a couple ways to take this, and it could be as simple as Nick waiting to see the guard introduce herself to April. But I see it as Nick continually realizing just how much he is losing from Juliette’s forgotten memories.

Over the course of the episode Nick grew attached to April and the feeling became mutual. Parlay that with Nick’s dream of Juliette remembering everything about them and it’s not hard to imagine Nick is longing for the life he once had. However, Nick’s fate as a Grimm seems to be taking the reigns, as Aunt Marie’s warning that he should break it off with her because his life will become too dangerous continues to come true.

Plus, Nick’s attempt to remind Juliette of what they once lost by dancing with her had completely unseen results: A kiss with Juliette leaves her seeing Renard instead of Nick.

Poor Juliette, she’s ending up in a big mess of collateral damage because Adalind plays dirty.

Renard is another story, and I (still) can’t read him for the life of me. Is his newfound obsession with Juliette because of the potion he took to wake her up, or are these feelings been just below his unbreakable exterior much longer? If this is being set up as some kind of super awkward Days of our Lives love triangle you can count me out on that story.

Finally, we have Hank. As I’ve mentioned before, Hank being in on the secret makes him far more interesting, and tonight he gets to see Nick’s playground: the trailer. Grimm is playing with this “core three” of Nick, Hank and Monroe a lot more this season from promos, posters and art to every week Hank learning just how much of a partner Monroe is when Hank couldn’t be or can’t be to Nick.

Here, Hank learned that Monroe was the one who saved him way back in “Game Ogre,” and the more Hank learns of Monroe the more the fear dissipates in place of admiration.

A few more thoughts:

  • Adalind is back! And she’s just as mysterious and connected as Renard, but the difference is Renard doesn’t really have any sort of control over her.
  • I still think Adalind’s cat is the key to getting all of Juliette’s memory back.
  • Monroe taking care of the spice shop, while funny, is not somewhere I want him to be. I want him back out in the field helping Nick out, but I can’t fault him he’s being a good friend/boyfriend.
  • I totally want a storage shed buried in a remote location.

The Bottle Imp Review

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