Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: I'm Laughing, Just Not Externally

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When Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, a familiar face makes a triumphant and unexpected return.

Also, many miles away, another familiar face is asked to turn that frown upside down.

Cristina Yang is miserable in Minnesota, which her new boss (guest star Steven Culp) picks up on and seeks to change. Begrudgingly (and hilariously), she agrees, but that external smile belies deeper issues.

Back in Seattle, Alex gets a lecture from Callie about not sleeping with his intern, and none other than Dr. April Kepner shows up at the hospital, having been brought back by Hunt. The team is surprised to say the least, and she's clearly taken aback herself when she realizes Jackson changed his mind and did not go to Tulane.

Watch the awkwardness ensue in three clips from "Love the One You're With" below:

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@Angela Board certification is a voluntary process; it doesn't automatically exclude a doctor from holding attending-status. Attending status comes from completing residency, which Kepner did. In the real world, she would not have been hired as top-tier hospitals and medical centers use board certs as a criteria for hire - it's very very very rare these days where an attending is not board-certified.


I HATE APRIL!!! Why kill Lexie but put someone who looks/acts similar to her?? Lexie & Marc RIP, Not the same without you Awesome Beautiful people!! Worest move ever getting rid of them! Hard to get used to all the new ones too....when will they send in a bomb or something to get rid of everyone new? So disappointed!! Think I'm finished disappointed.....story lines can't keep my attention plus new people are so frustrating. Boo!


How can Kepner be an attending if she didn't pass her boards? Should she not still be a resident.


Lexie now she's funny and fun why she have to die why......Meredith and Christine and Derek and Owen are my fave charcaters and Alex.


'And now I no longer sleep with men..' lol I love Torres.


Kepner has been glammed up, it was so obvious that when Avery took off his top she'd be in the room too.I had hoped Avery would have an oportunity to have found someone else before Kepner arrived back. If Wilson is made to be Izzie mark2,no,no,no.Callie and Alex talking about their previous hook up in front of interns, is nothing a secret at SGH. LOL


I love April's character. She's definitely similar to many of the residents I've worked with. Can't wait to see the April/Jackson story lines!


I see April is fun.what ìs that.why u guys dont like her?she ìs a good actress..dont judge her


@sookie00 Originally neurosurgery was Kepner's focus, but ever since her trauma certification (when Hunt was awarded the $1 mil surplus), Hunt took her under his wing and was training her to be a trauma surgeon. It's most likely that she's a trauma surg fellow since Hunt is the Chief, and trauma surg is still his department, so he probably created a fellowship position for April.


@sookie00 Technically they're all general surgery attendings, in terms of authority, because they finished their general surgery residencies. They don't hold the title of attending in their respective specialities, with the exception of Meredith and Bailey, because they all declared specialities outside of GS. Karev with peds, Avery with plastics, Yang with cardio, and now Kepner with trauma: they're surgical fellows.

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Glad you're back.


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