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Arizona's big storyline on Grey's Anatomy is going to be rather dark.

That much is obvious after one episode, with another flashback-centric installment sure to shed more light on the inner struggles facing the pediatric surgeon - and her wife. What is Callie's state of mind through all this?

“Her life and her child’s life are affected, greatly,” Sara Ramirez says of the emotional scars she bears. “And we see her having to grapple with the constant reminder of what’s happened, not being able to get away from it.”


Derek, meanwhile "has to try and find his peace with [teaching the interns]," Kevin McKidd says. "He doesn't get to cut anymore, but he gets to be this amazing teacher. Owen helps him learn how to be a teacher again."

This week's episode and the one after it (October 18) will continue to deal with the fallout from the plane crash. It won't be until the following week, in the fourth episode of Season 9, that the tone begins to lighten a bit.

“The first three episodes deal with all the repercussions of the finale, so Episode 4 is very comedic,” says McKidd, who stepped behind the camera to direct the episode as well. “We needed some lightness."

"It’s good to be dark for a while, but people like to have their lightness… the more kind of slightly zany, screwball stuff that Grey’s does so well. Tonally it’s so different from the first three episodes of the season.”

Then comes November 1. “Beautiful Doom” is the Meredith and Cristina episode supposedly unlike any the show has done before ... and one that sounds very much the opposite of light. But we'll see!

Sound off on all things Grey's, and check out the latest Season 9 trailer below:

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love Jessica Capshaw so much~~~!please,please let her and callie still be together~~~!


Lee : I wish people would stop blaming the producers and creators for "killing" characters! Has is occured to you that the actors asked to leave the show??? @LEE : YES ! THANK YOU ! So yes, when people will understand that it came mainly from the actors who express their will to leave the show? And Shonda adapted so their storyline with their leaving?!


meridith and derek have alwoays made the show, long may this continue, all the other charaters are great, i am sorry that lexie and mark had to leave the show they were great together, but the show is and has always been fantastice may it go on forever.


I wish people would stop blaming the producers and creators for "killing" characters! Has is occured to you that the actors asked to leave the show???


derek is gonna be an amazing teacher he should be a surgeon..
oh my gosh beautiful doom


Please, please, please! Don't let Callie and Arizona part! They are the reason I watch GA. I'm so sorry McSteamy is gone and that Callie, right now, doesn't have Arizona to hold her, but, Arizona has been thru so much also. I'm sure she had thoughts that she was going to die. And then losing her leg! She is traumatized and it will take some time to heal. Callie has to understand that. Arizona has hung in for her. Now it's Callie's turn to be really strong for Arizona. Please, please, please!


It'll be hard to watch Der, now he's not operating anymore. Does a teaching ex surgeon still earn $2million a year and share of the profits? LOL.
I hope Mer continues to use the interns as a 'battering ram'( does that translate to US speak?). Perhaps they'll figure out Mer has a reason to be Medusa


I love Sara Ramirez, she's so beautiful and talented...
And now that they killed off my Sloan :( the only reason I keep watching the show is my Callie!
oh God, i can't say how much i will miss Callie and Mark together...i'm so sad!
But as @Jarrod Mitchell said:
As long as Callie is running the floor for majority of this season I'm happy...


I CAN NOT believe they killed off Mark, he was my favorite. Why did he want to leave the show? I loved him and Lexie together. I love Callie and how strong she's become. I don't really care for christina and owen. After last season, I hope MerDer stays strong. I am sooo happy Alex didn't leave. Love him.

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