Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Love the One You're With"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Love the One You're With" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Steve Marsi have assembled for their weekly Q&A discussion.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Courtney: I’m going for the funnier moments. Equally loved Bailey’s post it notes and Mer and Avery talking about Webber.

Sean: Thomas and Christina at the end. There wasn't a huge speech or anything but a level of understanding that worked perfectly. Plus, I'm kind of liking her new co-workers.

Steve: Arizona and Callie's bathroom scene (below). It's hard to call any scene a "favorite" if it's so hard to watch, but Jessica Capshaw is kind of rocking my world with this storyline.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. What pairing was funnier - Alex and Callie discussing their past and Alex’s sleeping habits or Meredith and Jackson discussing Webber sleeping with their moms?

Courtney: Definitely Meredith and Jackson. These two don’t share enough scenes together! They were hilarious in admitting that Webber had game. Both of their moms are world class surgeons and both have been with Richard. Looks to me like Webber is the man!

Sean: Alex and Callie for sure. Both of them can dish it and take it. And as much as Alex is a jerk, he cracks me up because he's so nonchalant about it.

Steve: Both were great for laughs and pointing out some of the show's soapier storylines. If forced to choose I'd pick Meredith and Jackson, because Richard is definitely kind of the man, and because of the conspiracy theories that he was actually Mer's dad at one point. It's good that Grey's doesn't take itself too seriously ... at least not all the time.

3. Up for debate again: Does Yang stay at her new hospital or return to Seattle and her people?

Courtney: She has to return at some point, right? I’m afraid that they are going to keep them separated all season and that will get old. But I have to admit, I’m starting to like Cristina’s new co-workers.

Sean: I think the new place is helping her cope and grow because it is so different. That said, she will definitely return and maybe they'll bring Thomas with her?

Steve: She'll come back, because how can she not, but Sean could be onto something re: Thomas. The show's doing a nice job in placing her in a realistic and not entirely negative environment, though. It would be too cliched if she hated life and everyone around her and boarded a plane back to Seattle within a week.

4. Did they make the right decision in not accepting the settlement?

Courtney: Is there a right decision? Sure, the money would help. It could pay for Arizona’s rehab, their children’s futures. But Mer was right. It won’t bring back Lexie or Sloan. Derek wanting them to investigate into the accident more was honorable though. I’d say they did the right thing. 

Sean: That's a tough one because the money could really help, but I understand their sentiments on not settling. It just feels like that's the right call.

Steve: It's easy to say they should've taken the money for obvious reasons, but the more idealistic decision was to not settle, and you can't fault them for that either. How's that for a non-answer?!

5. Jackson and April hooked up again. Will these two become the next great couple or a disaster waiting to happen?

Courtney: I want them to be a couple! It gives each of them are better story and they have great chemistry. My vote is for a long lasting couple... as long as Kepner doesn’t freak out again. 

Sean: They have great chemistry and that scene where they were talking about not doing unless they really want to, I was waiting for them to jump each other. I think it's too soon to tell either way, but let's just say it's going to be a bumpy road for sure.

Steve: Every great couple is a disaster at some point. Otherwise, how do we know what they're really made of? Jackson and April won't be any different, but I think they're a great long-term fit for each other and am excited to watch how things progress. Great chemistry too (see classic Season 8 scene below).

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses in the comments below!


I love all the scene of callie..she is just super amazing actress! It feels like every scene is real when she's the one doing it plus she has a great voice! I miss mark's them both they are my fave in the show..the reason why i live greys!!!♥♥♥


sookie00, same here I'll watch April and jackson but i really don't care about them the three sets of Married couples..(Calzona,Crowen,Merder) is really my only interest


The Callie and Arizona scene was amazing I still can't stop watching it, but the whole episode was amazing I really enjoyed it and the whole cast is awesome


*Makes 2 Million dollar


Okay, so i don't live in America and there for i don't know how much money you has to earn a year to be considered "rich", or "wealthy". But we know for a fact that Derek makes 2 bio. dollar per year. In denmark (where i live), that is like what most people earn over 20 years. So i don't get why they need money? They are already super duper rich.


1. Cristina/Dr. Thomas. I'd even ship her with him over Owen, LOL.
2. Mere by default. Callie was just a bitchy hypocrite. She got knocked up by a man whore long after Alex.
4. There was no decision to make. Federal investigation continues regardless of what they do. Just a silly set up to try to make them all look noble, but which made them look stupid. Guess they killed off the story researchers, too.
5. Ugh. April/Avery are the new Gizzie. Putting two useless characters together doesn't make them interesting. Just wastes yet more screen time.
The April/Callie focus made this an awful episode all around. Can't stand either of them.


I really liked the scenes with callie and arizona. It was so powerful. I also like the scenes with Cristina and Dr.Tomas at the other hospital. @Sookie00 I agree I hope she stays there a lot longer.


I really liked the scenes with callie and arizona. It was so powerful. I also like the scenes with Cristina and Dr.Tomas at the other hospital. @Sookie00 I agree I hope stays there a lot longer.


1. Callie and Arizona's shower scene. Heartbreaking, and Jessica Capshaw is just amazing at portraying this mean and angry Arizona. 2. Meredith and Jackson, they understand each other cause they have famous surgeons in their families and now some other common ground "the chief banged my mom too", hilarious ! 3. Cristina will come back some day, but I must admit I'm enjoying this new friendship with Dr Thomas, so I hope we'll see her in Minnesota a little while longer. 4. They were absolutely right, for Mark and Lexie's memory and honour, it was best not to settle. Besides, what whould happen to the storylines if they were all suddenly rich ! 5. I'm sorry but I still don't care about them, it' 2 useless characters and I'm not happy about this storyline of April torn between her religion and sexual needs. I usually just want to push "forward" when I see their scenes.

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