Grey's Anatomy Review: The Heartbreak Hospital

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Grey’s Anatomy aired its second episode of the season with "Remember the Time," an installment that jumped back in time to right after the fatal plane crash and the days after. Although I knew it was coming, I was totally not prepared for it.

How much more tragedy can these doctors take? Seriously, it’s no wonder that Cristina couldn’t bear to handle the situation after they were rescued. There have been bombs, shootings and too many deaths to count. 

The McDreamys. Meredith was lucky enough to get out of that crash without too much damage. Derek, however, was not. His hand was mangled. REALLY mangled. Who else was pumped that he asked Callie to do his surgery? The girl doesn’t get enough credit on her work. Remember when she made that girl walk who was bent over at a ninety degree angle? I mean, seriously.

Crazy Cristina. Yang went into a spiral after the crash. Her speech to Owen about what she endured out there was heartbreaking. Keeping the bugs out of Arizona’s leg and having Mark fall to pieces on her was terrible. She still managed to say a couple funny lines that you can check out on the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page. She was right on running away to her new job. But I'm not too sure how long that will last.

Doctor Cristina Yang Photo

Goodbye Leg. Wow, Arizona was pissed. Rightfully so. She blames Alex for her situation because the only reason she got on that plane was anger at him. Callie’s call to have Alex cut off her leg could not have gone well. I am curious to see Arizona’s reaction after the surgery. She can’t go on blaming Alex, but how do you move forward from that? 

Missing McSteamy. Although we knew Eric Dane would be in this episode, I almost wish he wasn’t. It was sad enough watching him die the first time. It had been so long since we have seen Julia that I almost forgot who she was. I know I wasn’t the only one who teared up when Sloan admitted that he loved Lexie. We now have officially said goodbye to the most handsome man to walk the halls of Seattle Grace. Grey’s Anatomy will never be the same.

Side Notes...

  • April was heading home to the farm now that her contract was officially over. Avery asked her to meet him at Joe’s but never got to show up because of Sloan. Where is this couple headed now that she is on her way back to Seattle?
  • Just a few glances of the new interns this week. Still not too exciting. We have enough cast members to worry about.
  • Who else wishes they could have seen the goodbye between Cristina and Owen?
  • Bailey just moved up another level with me, if that was even possible. She officially became awesome when she made a Lost reference. 
It's Karev
Overall, a pretty solid episode that filled us in on the tragic plane crash. I wasn’t too sure that I was going to like the fact that we flash backed in time, but the episode was entertaining and tugged at your heart strings. Just the way we like our Grey’s Anatomy.
We have a week off before our next new episode, so use that time to hit up the comments and check out the TV Fanatic Grey’s Anatomy Round Table this weekend. Until next time, GA Fans. 


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@Jennie : Mark didn't die of cancer or disease. Cristina said he kept dying on her when they were in the woods, and it seems he crashed several times at the Boise hospital. I suppose it was too hard on his body and he couldn't recover, probably also due do the fact that he probably din't want to fight much for life, after losing Lexie.


I didn't like that they went backwards after last weeks episode. I don't understand why this episode wasn't the first one of the season. It explained why Arizona lost her leg, which was good but we had the see McSteaming die again. I still don't understand what happened. If the crash didn't kill him and he died from a disease or cancer mentioned at the end of last season there was no mention of it. I don't remember what it was. And if he had cancer, there seamed to be no treatment. It was like he came back from the crash and then died later without any explaination as to why he was dying.


love the show, callie and arizona needed more screen time


...and keeps going, it's amazing !!!


This episode made me sick for some parts : Yang's speech about the bugs and the animals around Lexie, etc. But it was intense, cause I could clearly imagine what they've all been through. Indeed, these doctors never have a moment of peace, and I think now it gets really too much... Since season 7, we've barely seen any real patient, it's always bad things happening to our doctors, come on. I miss the patients ! About Arizona... I understand she's mad at Alex but one hand she's responsible too. I mean, you can't mentor a resident just to make him stay by your side, it's just like children you raise : you have to let them go their own way, if he wanted to go to another hospital, she can't interfere. Jessica Capshaw was really amazing in this episode, and I feel so sorry for Callie but now we definitely know there was no other choise than cutting off that leg ! Finally I will conclude by saying that Meredith is really the strongest character of all : she always survives and keeps going, it's amazing !


I liked this episode but I thought they would tell more about the time they were in the woods. How they were found and such. I also hate the fact that Mark looked so he was recovering. What the heck? They could have had him look worse since we know he died. I think Mark should have ran off to be with Addison. After all he loved her before he loved Lexie.


yang's scene were heartbreaking and same goes for sloane. meredith's call telling yang that she was right in some things for leaving the sgmw hospital but she(grey) found her(yang), her love(mc dreamy) and her family (sola, et al)and it is where she practically grew up. i hope to see more flashbacks to answer the questions of the majority of the followers of the show. aren't you going to give lexie any special necrological services? after all. lexie and mc steamy gave the show very good boost. i am also inclined to believe that there's a lot of materials that can be worked on on the cast that was retained that i believe that additional new faces is not needed now. i can only deduce that putting new faces means that the writers are fresh out of ideas to spin stories revolving around grey,mc dreamy. the nazi, chief weber, karev, jackson, yang and owen. please, complete the details of the plane crash and rescue and rehab. of the drs.


God Shonda really twisted the knife when Cristina mentioned lexi being chewed on by the wild animals...that's all i can think about, which is too sad! Loved the Lost reference XD Watching McSteamy die again was too painful as well, jeez as if watching him die once wasn't enough for us. These first 2 eps back were REALLY intense and sad, so i cant wait to see ep3, but pissed we have to wait 2 weeks!


Arizona doesn't have to forgive Alex, she could do us all a favour and just leave, hate this character.


Where was Addison? You'd think since they were close and all, she would be by Mark's side when he died...

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