Gossip Girl Spoilers: Trouble Ahead For Chair?

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She said she's all his on last night's Gossip Girl, but is the show about to throw a wrench into the widely-anticipated Chuck and Blair endgame? A new tease from E! Online's spoiler column today suggests as much.

On the possibility of Chuck and Blair getting married on the series finale, the site says:

"Can't dish on anything that far out (the finale is crazy top secret, despite the recent photos leaking, which may or may not be red herrings) but we can tell you that you Chair fans best prepare for some heartache in episode seven."

"We're hearing C and B are in very different places in their lives and it doesn't bode well for them at that point."

Chair Wedding Photos

Doesn't sound good, but then again, Chair has weathered so many ups and downs that an obstacle in episode seven still leaves time for them to turn it around ... or does it? Is it possible they won't be together in the end?

As many of you likely know, based on pics and videos posted last week:

The question remains, however: Is any of it real? Or is there a twist?

Share your thoughts on Gossip Girl's December 10 finale below.

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@ b, Ivy does not die in a plane crash! On Monday, 22 October on shooting the last scene were present Ivy, Georgina and Jack. So Ivy did not killed in a possible plane crash.
@ xoxo, none of the main characters do not die in a plane crash, and if would be the plane crash! The producers have already announced that none of the main characters will die on end of the series! NJBC will not destroy Dan, because his book is to fail. In addition NJBC are the only friends that Dan has, and vice versa. Together Serena and Dan will write a addition to his book or story to newspapers in which they indemnify their friends! You really think that the producers would threw money on shooting a Dan’s dream in which he get married with Serena, and in which Serena wears one of the finest and most expensive dress? The only correct end of the series is a wedding of Serena and Dan, Chuck and Blair, Lily and Rufus and Nate and Jenny!


I think Chuck and Blair will get married and Dan and Serena wont they'll get back together as part of lonely boy and g's scheme and serena will find out and she'll end the relationship then five years later at lilly and rufus' wedding he'll have a dream of what couldve been had he not been such a judgemental douche


@Zoran Blair will go after Dan for using S to boost his profile and for what he writes about his friends family and ex girlfriends maybe she can talk some sense into him if not then hopefully he dies in the plane crash or gets taken down by the njbc in epic fashion


During the episode that Chuck boards the plane after saying goodbye to Blair Ivy is working with the NJBC so Im thinking Chuck will send Ivy in his place so he can go to Blair then the plane will crash leading to Chuck and Blair's roof top conforntation with Bart


I think that little kid named Henry is Chuck Bass son, not from Blair but from that Parisian Girl named Eva. The one where Chuck said he was Henry!


DAN-SERENA, CHUCK-BLAIR is all I want for the finale. I hate how everything has turned out after the first 3 seasons.


And, by the way, Chuck and Blair also have all those things you said, just watch the first half of season 3 (but also the other seasons) very carefully and don't be biased while watching and you'll see that their reletionship is deeper than just "oh, we like the same books and we pretentiously talk about them"...


@KKoppen, it's a TV show, and most importantly, it's a drama. Everything isn't a bed of roses. If so, it wasn't Gossip Girl but something like Glee. Chuck and Blair are the most deep and dark characters in the show and they are so in love with each other that they are actually able to "destroy" themselves just to make the other happy. When they'll find a balance, they won't be "disfunctional" or "abusive" or anything, just happy and careless as they should be.
I strongly believe that Dan has not respected Blair or loved her for what she was, or he wouldn't have publicly humiliated her in the first seasons. He wouldn't have said that she was everything he hated about the UES either. Or, most importantly, he wouldn't have written and published a mean chapter of his "book" describing her as a heartless queen. And that just because she broke up with him (badly, I admit it, but still it's not a good reason to publicly diffamate a person). This is just immature and stupid.
And, by the way, Chuck and Blair also have all those things you said, just watch the first half of season 3 (but also the other seasons) very carefully and don't be biased while watching and you'll see that their reletionship is deeper than just "oh, we like the same books and we pretentiously talk about them"...


@Zoran, you are completely right! I agree with the fact that they can't be fully accomplished now - they're just 21/22! @Lexball184, I read about that spoiler too, and it said it was referred to the last but one episode, which actually involves those pictures at the airport. I don't think that Chuck will die or anything, but it's just an attempt to lead us astray, mostly because of all those pictures leaked lately.


Chuck and Blair have come up with the most convoluted asinine reasons for not being together over and over again. If they can't sustain a relationship while achieving their mutual goals then they don't have what it take to sustain a mature relationship. On top of that, I find their relationship, until this season, bordering on abusive. The fact that so many people find this to be romantic and label it as passion, is disturbing. Much like the ladies who tweeted that they would , "let Chris Brown hit them anytime because he is so hot". Makes me worried for this world. I know I'm in the minority but Blair's relationship with Dan brought out the best in both of them (though Blair had a few Micheal Scott-like moments). It was based on things that real world relationships are often based on. Intelligence, mutual interests and hey...respect. Then again the Season 5 finale threw all sense of character development out the window. Regardless of my unpopular opinion, I think Chair fans will ultimately get what they want. It's a prime-time soap opera and I suppose no one would be interested in a group of people who were emotionally balanced and made intelligent decisions. Not much drama in that I suppose. Oh well...at least I have about 5 or 6 episodes from the latter half of Season 5.

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