Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: What is Nate's Card?

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In this sneak preview clip from Monday's Gossip Girl season premiere, Serena is still missing and Blair is worried that her estranged BFF may hurt herself. She and the rest of the NJBC are at a loss as to how to track her down.

Nate Archibald, fortunately, still has a card to play.

That card clearly involves Gossip Girl, who they're convinced knows about S' whereabouts even if she hasn't posted them, and who Nate has set out to unmask. What's Nate's plan, and how do you predict it will play out?

Check out the sneak peek and comment below:

B seems to finally realize how far apart she and Serena have drifted after the events of Gossip Girl Season 5, while Chuck is doing what he can to comfort his love and Nate's actually using his brain! Bring on Season 6!

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i cant wait to see more of chuck and blair being cute i want to see them do a scene at victrola i think it would be really cute because thats where we all fell in love with chuck and blair together i just hope gets over his crap early on becuase he should have known that blair will always love chuck which is something i really hate because he did know he was one of the many that has said the 2 of them have a pull on each other so the fact that it affected him supposedly that much is so retarded


It's the video from the brothel that shows a hooded person stealing the laptop


This is AMAZING. Pretty much everything I wanted from these three: Blair worried about her best friend, Chuck comforting his love, and Nate actually taking charge of an investigation. Tee hee!


I would've commented sooner, but I was too busy watching the clip repeatedly and squeeing to myself.


I loved the sneak peek!. Chuck and Blair are so sweet!. And I'm glad that Blair has remorse for what she told Serena. It was time for that to happen. Serena didn't deserve what she said.


Aw Chuck, I love you!!

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