Gossip Girl Series Finale: Title, Appearance Confirmed!

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The title of the 121st and final episode of Gossip Girl has been revealed on Tumblr.

When Season 6 concludes with its 10th installment December 10, it will be called ...

Gossip Girl OMSG Poster

"New York, I Love You XOXO."

Appropriate, no?

This call sheet (and the person who posted it) first spilled the beans. Stephanie Savage and Mark Piznarski, who wrote and directed the Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere, respectively, are slated to helm the finale.

Among the rumors surrounding this much-awaited, last-ever Gossip Girl episode:

Sound off with your theories, comments, hopes, dreams and criticisms below!

UPDATE: It has been confirmed: Katie Cassidy was spotted on set and WILL appear on the final episode!

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If Dan and Serena get back together I will burn all my GG dvd boxes.
1. It's incest.
2.Dan and Serena don't have any chemistry.
3.SERENA BELONGS WITH NATE! If someone dies I hope it's Dan.


@gossipgirlasian Yeah I saw that :3 and I was like does that mean Jenny is coming back :D ... Nah I think everyone well mostly everyone is coming back :3 And I was wondering if poppy and Natasha chick would
Actually show up because nothing about poppy and that Natasha girl was meant to be steven's sister and now she is played by saga who is now the daughter of Steven so oak of She still coming or not :/?


Willa Holland return to gossip girl season 6 final!
i think Taylor momsen will Return to gossip girl season 6 final ! because willa hollland is the reason of taylor momsen!
i think it's going to be BIG suprise!
and there's no spoiler of tamara feldman on set when she is set to return to gossip girl season 6 final! also joe aggelki as natasha "second Beatrice"! aghhh so happy and very happy to heard Juliet return to gossip girl final! georgina VS juliet maybe ??
i wish georgina end up with Dan!
georgina and dan are so cute! :D
blair and chuck
serena & steven
nate & charlie


I really really really really really want Kristen Bell to appear on at least one of the episodes. I mean seriously, she doesn't have to be gossip girl per say but it would be awesome if she could make a small cameo or something!


Kristen Bell is the narrator of the show and the writers said that no matter who is gossip girl we'll always hear her voice as the voice of gossip girl by the way if it was the voice of the character who ends up being gg we would already know


By the way, the flowers are peonies if it's not Blair's wedding I don't know what the event is or could be based the pictures most of which are of the actors between takes


Why juliet sharp?
I think kristen bell should be GG. coz its her voice they're using 4 GG voice overs.
Heh! But thats juzt me.


A Groom waits for his Bride that explains why Chuck isnt in the pictures there is however a boquet Blair's Saab gown is a wedding dress even though it's blue and getting married at the met or in central park would be classic the network writers and producers are not going to kill chuck their going to have the two of them married by the end of the series


It's bart or fake bart who is dead not chuck, like really come on


Okay guys you all over think I may if said I didn't see chuck in the photos but @pty saw photos of chuck on set so clearly they didn't kill chuck... Plus if they did that would of been a crappy ending to gossip girl like come on killing the wrong bass and all? Plus wasn't it mean to be Jenny who dies? Plus it's too early into the season to know so like yeah

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