Gossip Girl Round Table: "High Infidelity"

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Welcome back, once again, to TV Fanatic's weekly Gossip Girl Round Table Q&A discussion! Below, our panelists break down all aspects of last night's Gossip Girl episode, "High Infidelity."

In our Q&A session, TVF CEO Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy), editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) and staff members Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Leigh Raines share their opinions.

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Eric: "Revenge is a dish best served serialized." ABC agrees.

Leigh: Can I just give the award to Georgina? Who is writing for her this season? She and Dan are cracking me up together.

Christina: Georgina: “Why is the handsome vacant one calling me?” Dan: “If you’re referring to Nate, he has a surprisingly high IQ.”

Courtney: Sage: "No one reads Gossip Girl anymore." She might be on to something...

Steve: Anything out of Georgina's mouth. The consistently ridiculous lines combined with Michelle Trachtenberg's emotionless, deadpan facial expressions are gold.

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2. Most surprising: Nelly Yuki's return, or the Central Park Conservancy letting Serena do anything?

Eric: The Yuki! I knew we were getting back old characters this season. But ones I forgot existed!?

Leigh: I originally wanted to say Serena, but throw enough money at something and they'll probably say yes. Nelly Yuki is only 21, if she's working at WWD she's doing admin/intern busy work.

Christina: Nelly Yuki’s return… she brings back great memories from Gossip Girl Season 1 and 2. Also, did you really expect anything short of awesome things happening for S?

Courtney: Serena, without a doubt. I didn't really care too much about the reappearance of Nelly. I was too busy being pissed at her glasses for still taking up half her face.

Steve: The Yukster. Leigh's right, Serena brings a lot of money and exposure to the table, mitigating the effects of the inevitable debacle. Nelly working for a big-time fashion publication? I don't see it.

3. Least surprising: Nate sleeping with an underage girl, or Bart hiding something?

Eric: With the horniest and shadiest characters doing their thing I'm hardly surprised. Though since Nate has only had history with one underage girl I can remember (Jenny, anyone else?), I guess Bart with his 9 million secrets wins by default.

Leigh: Nate sleeping with an underage girl, obvs. We all know he likes to be the underage one in his relationships!

Christina: The latter – can’t Bart just die already? Oh, wait a sec.

Courtney: Bart; the guy has been keeping secrets and scamming everyone since the beginning of the show.

Steve: Nate. Pretty sure any time "Girl" is cast on the show, "must be willing to get in bed with Chace Crawford" is in the three-line character description. Could be worse, of course, at least according to our panel.

4. Dan and Nate's alliance: Will it work out?

Eric: No. I've fallen hard for this bromance in the past and I won't be fooled by it again. Pretty sure Nate's going to bail when he gets to a chapter about himself.

Leigh: This is Gossip Girl, of course there's going to be a problem. But actually for the most part, I think it will work out for awhile. Nate is really the only friend Dan has besides Georgina, and she's more of a stalker really.

Christina: Maybe only for the short-term. See my response for Question #1 for evidence that the bromance lives on.  

Courtney: I hope so because after Dan gets published again, he's going to need some friends. On the upside, maybe if the two spend more time together, Nate can talk Dan into doing something better with that hair of his. Possibly teach him the tricks of the trade of man bangs...

Steve: You're no one unless you're talked about (and get comments, in the digital age), so the Spectator scored a coup with Inside 2 (or whatever it's called). Seems like the perfect buzz-worthy story to cement its place among the best celebrity gossip sources. We'll see how they respond to death threats, however.

Serena and Steven

5. Which relationship will last longer: Steven and Serena, or Sage and Nate?

Eric: Nage. It's two hard to make couple nicknames out of two people that start with an S. Plus, Nate finally found his intellectual and maturity equal in a high school girl.

Leigh: Well I'm already sick of Sage, so let's go with Steven and Serena. Why is Sage front and center on the final season of Gossip Girl? Dislike.

Christina: I’ll go with the former, but who really cares if these two make it. Writers, bring on Serenate!

Courtney: The double S'. Only for the fact that Nate is an adult who runs a media source and Sage is in high school. The two just don't fit. I'm with Christina though, let's get S & N back together so the best looking couple from the UES can reign again.

Steve: S&S, by virtue of that pairing not including a high school girl or Nate Archibald, neither of which are exactly known for relationship stability.

6. Will Waldorf Designs thrive under Blair? Do you buy that her future with Chuck depends on it?

Eric: I think Waldorf Designs is going to thrive under Dorota. Man, that woman was kicking butt! If not, call us when the season is over. TV Fanatic will find a spot for you. And pff, see last week re: Chair. So over their made up drama.

Leigh: Waldorf Designs will thrive under Blorota. Dorota is the key ingredient to everything, I love her. Can we keep her at TVF when the show is over? Chuck and Blair's future depends on them tossing out this bullsh!t set of rules and just being with each other already.

Christina: Yes to both. Although B’s outfit from last night wouldn’t suggest it, I think Waldorf Designs will thrive perfectly well. As for Chair, sure… why not?!

Courtney: Yes and No. Blair will do a good job because she is driven and determined. I'm sure she will hit some rough patches, but girls like Queen B always rise again. I don't think Chuck cares one bit if Blair becomes successful at Waldorf designs, but she does.

Steve: Yes. No. I get that Blair and Chuck want to be their own successful people but someone will have to explain to me how this inhibits them from having a romantic relationship at this point.

7. Which Gossip Girl character would you most like to creepily watch sleep?

Eric: I was pretty content watching G watching Lonely Boy sleep. I'd do that in person if I could.

Leigh: Well Nate obviously.

Christina: Nate. Oh, yes, I would definitely love to creepily watch him sleep.

Courtney: Is there any question? Nate, of course. It would be like watching Sleeping Beauty.

Steve: Assuming I'm invited in and thus won't be prosecuted for breaking and entering, stalking and general creeping, then Serena. She's pretty.

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@ G. Singular, Thanks, it was a fierce battle! This will be an epic end of GG. You know what I've prepared the same answer for you, this nonsense with Stephen shook my faith. I can not wait for finale!

Strawberry fields

Favourite quote - Nate: "I broke up with you, because I thought you were sleeping with your father... before I knew he was your father" :) Most surprising - Nelly Yuki. Central Park Conservancy is one of the least surprising things Serena was allowed to do. Least surprising - still Bart. That guy has "I'm hiding something" written all over him, people should know better by now. Nate & Dan - this is "GG", obviously something is going to ruin that. I'm just hoping Nate will come out on top, he's one of the few characters left that I still care about. Who will last longer - S&S. I actually like Steven. Sage is just a spoiled little girl with dad issues and Nate doesn't have time for that. Waldorf Designs & Chair - yes and no. Queen B will make her mom proud eventually, but Chair really needs to stop with their bullsh!t. They keep doing that over and over again, it's stupid and boring. Which character would you most like to creepily watch sleep? Obviously Nate, no contest.


@Zoran, yes I also heard that news. S and D will be married. Congrats for Derena fans! It's been a worthy fight after all. I'm sure Dan and Serena will be a great couple. I knew it all along, it will always be Derena. Serenate fans like me will just keep on playing Season 3 DVD. Hehe Excited for the finale!

Drea xoxo

1) i agree georgina reference to nate calling her (only watchable thing of the episode)
2) didn't see the relevance of either plot lines but yuki's brought to our attention about how everyone is expecting blair to fail and this contributes to the season's direction of blair's character. serena's scenario we've seen remixed over the seasons
3) bart secrets - can we not just uncover them and be done with this tedious plot line
4) no, nate is humble and dan keeps on thinking the world owes him something? maybe a haircut but other than that they are two different people who will never work.
5) don't care for these extras so to answer neither, they have been overused now please get to finding out who GG1.0 is!!
6) i think the writers copped out in fear of a Dair backlash but are so naiive and confused because Chair shippers are more in numbers and have more of a case seasons 1-5 > mid season 5. yuki touched on blair's future that everyone is expecting her to fail which means a cheesy ending will occur *yawn* but does any one remember that blair had that internship at a fashion company? why doesn't she use her contacts to help her already its annoying to watch her character wilt away. even S has her life together smh
7) GG so that i'd know who they are!!!! reveal already


6. Ugh, with that childish attitude, I doubt it. Blair must understand it is time to grow up and act like it! I don't even want to talk about her future with Chuck, and how her career will affect it. I am done with them. 7. Bart. Does he sleep with the same face that displays zero emotions?


1. The quote about Revenge, aka my new favourite show! 2. Nelly! Oh I missed you! 3. Bart, of coarse, because really rich people must be very bored with their lives if their sole entertainment is hiding things from the family 4. I don't know, Nate may not have the brightest brain but he has always tried to remain decent, so I guess there will be a point where Nate decides that may be Dan's attempt at revenge is really not worth it. 5. Serena and Steven, basically because Steven is a grown-up who isn't running away from the truth and for some reason accepts Serena as she is. Serena has always needed someone older to take care of her since she never really had a father figure, so Steven fits in perfectly - he is wise and mature and interested in a longer than 1 night stand relationship with Serena. Girl is lucky! 6. Ugh, with that childish attitude, I doubt it. Blair must understand it is time to grow up and act like it! I don't even want to talk about her future with Chuck, and how her career will affect it. I am done with them. 7. Bart. Does he sleep with the same face that displays zero emotions?


Yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaa! SERENA AND DAN ARE GETTING MARRIED! It was officially confirmed! I apologize for my comment last week! We waited 6 years and this is finally going to happen! It seems that this season will be at par with 1 and 2, a production of series a great job!


I think it's incredibly clever to have Serena pitted against Sage - bitter it-girl with absentee parent ... turnbout's fair play, S! (BTW, Wonder if Taylor Swift and her little Kennedy high school sweetheart inspired the Nage storyline?) I was such a huge fan for so long, but Blair for some reason is still a ridiculous caricature of herself, so if this episode didn't mark the turning point for her to become a normal, functioning, non-scheming adult I don't know if I can get invested enough in the rest of the season to enjoy the end of the series :( I just want to see her become the self-possessed, successful businesswoman she ought to be. Ugh! That said, I LOVE Bart... There's a dynamic to the original full cast that is just magic, and this episode gave me a glimmer of hope that we'll see this go out on a high note after all. IF they straighten Blair out.


1. Georgina's nickname for Nate - "the handsome, vacant one". If it weren't so wordy it might beat out "Man bangs".
2. Nelli Yuki's return actually surprised me. Any charity will let you raise money for them, especially if you have the Van der Woodsen name and connections.
3. Bart hiding something. It's just tired, and I don't care about Bass warfare anymore. Although, Nate should've done a little cyber stalking on his potential girlfriend. Probably would've found out she's in high school and who her dad is.
4. Yes, Nate will eventually hire Dan to be a writer/reporter for the paper, a la Carrie Bradshaw.
5. Neither - Serenate will be end game. It's the relationship that started the show. It needs to end the show too.
6. Waldorf Desings will never thrive with Blair (and Dorota) at the helm, and Chuck will throw all his money at it to keep it afloat for as long as possible.
7. Nate, but watching Georgina watch Dan would be entertaining as well.

Leigh r

oh i meant Nate hooking up with Sage was MORE surprising than Bart. Bart is probably the shadiest person on the show.

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