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@S Most of the audience is tired. Look at these dead threads and the low ratings. I loved Chair and I still like them but, yea, wtf? When they pulled out the 'we both love each other and want to be together, forever, but can't' bull a-g-a-i-n I was like are they effing serious? Unbelievable. I'm over GG entirely. And I'm there with Chair too even if I do like them (I know that doesn't even make sense). It really is their chemistry and how their story started out but I will fully agree it's old. These writer are unbelievable.

That being said, you can't lump this show with Breaking Bad or Mad Men any more than you could try to compare Hannah Montana and the Wire. This is a guilty pleasure for many of us!


1. "Do. That. Again. And Chuck to Blair "I would give up everything for you."

2. Everything Blair's says, when she is interrupting Serena's wedding.

3. That it isn't that dramatic anymore. Season 5 was very sad and TOO dramatic. This season seems to be fun and dramatic.

4. IT WAS SO HOOOTTT!!! It was so hot, i think it's right above the piano-sex. I am a Chairshipper, and it was everything i expected and more!

5. Dan' s hair always win that one.

6. Serena. Blair's was funny, but Serena had more reason to do it.

7. Sage. She seems funny and interesting. Amira is very pretty and she seems sweet, but if she gets in between Chair i hate her. Steven eems like one of the good guys, i think he'll be good for Serena, let's just hope he accepts Serena's past.

8. Damien, i thought Jenny at the beginning, but they are going to her memorial service... so i think she's dead.


Honestly, Chair is the only reason I still watch this show. I have actually no idea why I still ship them, because their relationship is so insane and unhealthy and yes, sometimes I wish Blair was actually with someone who's more, let's say.. sane? Someone who is a little bit more upbeat and less dark, perhaps someone like Dan. But I do ship Chair. I guess they just have chemistry, or something. I've been shipping them for 5 seasons now and honestly, I'm even getting tired of all of this. I'm kinda glad it's the last season, 'cause this is getting absolutely ridiculous.


So glad I'm not watching this joke of a show anymore.
Feel sorry for Eric and Steve having to sit through it as part of their job.
How could anyone, even chair fans, put up with the ridiculousness of the chuck and Blair storyline?! Aren't you all sick and tired of the same thing for six seasons??
Go watch shows like Breaking bad, homeland, Girls and new girl instead- they are all great. GG is directed solely at confused 12 year olds. Embarrassing.


1. Going with Christina and the shout-out to Wisconsin.
2. Wow, I didn't get any of them, not even the 'Country Strong' one. Does that mean they weren't that good, or I just didn't care?
3. Nothing?
4. It was way down there. Too basic, even for them.
5. Dan's hair.
6. Blair's because I can remember why she slapped him. Can't say the same for S.
7. If they're a new character, then they must be shady. Although I think Steven knew who he was really hooking up with.
8. I'm still kinda hoping for Lola, but Carter Baizen would be good too.


I think Steven & Sage are somehow affiliated with Gossip Girl. Serena was with Steven when Gossip Girl said Serena was dead but then told Nate where to find her. It seems like she was covering up where Serena was.


Favorite quote: Somehow I couldn't stop laughing when Nate said "Wait. Who are the two angry guys in matching hats?"


I guess now Chuck has two loyal creature, the only difference is that one of the collars is wearing a hw diamond ring. This love and ring are so precious that even Gollum is jealous - All joking to the side, this shame for love must be the worst romantic couple to ever grace the airwaves. I mean it's so utterly offensive to witness this crap and yet I can't help myself to turn away, I guess it's like watching a train wreck.


i agree with courtney. i like the old team back - savage &schwartz and the originals - serena, blair, nate, chuck & dan and it would be even better without georgina in the picture. just the repartee among "old friends" was very entertaining for the first episode that i would be very sad if it goes off air after the 10th episode. please give serena better lines, please. rufus and fake lola is kind of icky


Thank the good Lord for Eric on this panel - the only one not drinking the Chair Kool-Aid.

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