Gossip Girl Promo: You Had My Mother?

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Looks like Serena and Steven hit a snag on next week's Gossip Girl.

The revelation that Serena slept with Sage's boyfriend isn't exactly a surprise, given that we know her history with Nate, but Lily and Steven once hooked up, according to next week's promo? Who saw that coming?

Then again it is Gossip Girl. We should have expected it really.

Next Monday, in "Portrait of a Lady Alexander," Chuck’s investigation into his father’s dealings leads him to an unlikely event with Manhattan’s elite, where he hopes to find the person who can tell him the truth about Bart.

Meanwhile, The Spectator is in jeopardy after Dan sold Nate out, so Nate must make a difficult decision to keep it in business. Speaking of Dan, Georgina pushed him to choose a worthy person to date to boost his image.

Who do you think that will be? After last night's antics (see our Gossip Girl review), how much lower can Dan go in his quest to burn every bridge in the tri-state area? And more broadly, are you liking this final season?

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BTW, E! is reporting that Chair fans are in for more heartche in episode 7 so maybe this season is a waste of time


I had high hopes for this season maybe my expectations were unrealistic but making Sage and Steven the focus of the series is a mistake and unless there is some huge scandalous OMFG moment what was the point! Hopefully, now that Chuck and Blair are teaming up the show will regain it's footing


I'm sure that's not the case. Probably a red herring or something or something Sage cooked up. Then again this is Gossip Girl and the writer just wasted their third episode on that Rubbish Dan and Sage.

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