Gossip Girl Producers Ask: Who IS Gossip Girl?

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Who is Gossip Girl? For five years, that's been the secret she'll never tell.

This fall, however, the show's biggest mystery will finally be revealed!

In a new promo teasing the final season, which gets underway Monday night, executive producers Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman promise that by the end of the 10-episode farewell, we will have our answer.

The cast members themselves are asked for their theories, which include:

  • Dan
  • Jenny
  • Dorota
  • Blake Lively's dog Penny
  • Vogue editor Anna Wintour 

Pretty fun promo, and pretty cool that they're going to answer the question at all. Who do YOU think Gossip Girl is? Someone we know or a character we haven't seen before? Share your guesses below!

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I think its going to be Nelly Yuki because shes coming back for the final season


Read on one of the forums one girl thought GG would end with Cecily vongiesesar ( I know I spelled that wrong but you know the GG book writer) sitting at her desk writing the final chapter.


I think Gossip Girl is Lily.


I don't think it's Nate... just think about it: he has Gossip Girl's number and he's been texting her. I know that sometimes the writers make him look a little stupid, but really, he can't really be that stupid. I mean, he texts himself? No, that would be ridiculous.
I don't really it's Dan either. Although there are some clues and coincedences (GG was obsessed with Serena and then at the end of the season she's not anymore, he's a writer and so on...), there are a few holes in this theory. Remember GG's blast in 5x22 about the fact that Dan and Blair were boring? I don't think that he could really write it, not when he says he's so in love with her and stuff...
In my opinion Kristen Bell should have a cameo in the very last scene, like having her in front of her computer while there's her voiceover... I really can't see any of the characters being GG. That would be a surprise, but I guess that I wouldn't completely appreciate that...


@Gabriella: High Five! I'm agree 100%, and I said it before 4 me is Nate.
Althought recently thought it could be Peter Fairman(drugaddict Serena and Georgina let die of overdose) you know? Since Bart back to life would be possible the same for him?


if it is dan, it will be so disappointing and obvious... i'm hoping maybe it's nate. nothing ever seems to go really awfully for him, he doesnt really get involved in any big scheming and sort of stays detached from everyone. also, remember he had never sent a tip to gg??


@ Lulz, interesting suggestion, none of us had remembered Scot, son of Lily and Rufus. Scot could be GG, and it is interesting that the story about him is not finished. Although I remain committed to the view that the GG is adult person - Dan's mother or Nate’s mother.


I want it to be CharLola so bad! It'll probably be someone lame like Vanessa.


IT'S ON TOMORROW :D so happy that its airing the same day as the U.S now :D AHHH way the go Australia :D


Dan is Gossip Girl! Serenate for endgame!

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