Gossip Girl Producers Ask: Who IS Gossip Girl?

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Who is Gossip Girl? For five years, that's been the secret she'll never tell.

This fall, however, the show's biggest mystery will finally be revealed!

In a new promo teasing the final season, which gets underway Monday night, executive producers Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman promise that by the end of the 10-episode farewell, we will have our answer.

The cast members themselves are asked for their theories, which include:

  • Dan
  • Jenny
  • Dorota
  • Blake Lively's dog Penny
  • Vogue editor Anna Wintour¬†

Pretty fun promo, and pretty cool that they're going to answer the question at all. Who do YOU think Gossip Girl is? Someone we know or a character we haven't seen before? Share your guesses below!

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LOL you guys actually got it pretty spot on :)


quite unnecessary this season in particular. Oh and.. it's not Dorota.. totally out of character for her.


The Dan theory is great in a lot of ways. I think he's just about the only main character that could be GG given her blasts about him/people he knows because he could have some sort of "journalistic ethic" and rules about posting etc... Still I have my doubts that it is him. I have always thought that GG was around longer and would need to be someone older. The best possible conclusion that I can come up with is that she is Carol and now Lola. Carol detested the UES but was obviously still connected. There is nothing saying that GG needs to live on the UES, she has her informants after all. Carol is certainly devious enough and Lola is proving this as well.... Also they did elude to some sort of longing from Lola in an episode last season. GG also seems to have a certain fascination with Serena which turned sour around the time Ivy entered the picture. To be honest I hope that she is because otherwise that entire arc (Lola, Charlie, Carol etc.. ) is really ridiculous and quite unnecessary this season in particular. Oh and.. it's not Dorota.. totally out of character for her.


Maybe Charlotte (Charlie) Rhodes ? Not ivy dickens


Its obviously Veronica Mars


It'd be awesome if GG in person was Kirsten Bell after all. Just get the girl that matches the Voice overs!


no one of you thought of Blair as GG. But why not? I mean she's one of the best schemers on gossip girl....sure why should she write about S as GG when she was always so upset that S was Barbie, while B herself was Darth Vader, but seriously, sure, GG gave S the spotlight, but also the big shadows coming with it...and that's what B wanted from the beginning...to take serena down for sleeping with nate. it's just an idea and at times/in many spisodes it doesn't make any sense...
but Nate being GG don't make sense at all too...I mean why should he text himself? like, how stupid is that?
back to the B-is-GG-idea: she wrote also about herself, so no one comes behind the fact that she is GG, everybody knew how she was pissed at serena...


I just watched episode 15 (season 2)
and for me, it's impossible that Dan is GG !
it might be Vanessa or Damien


It has to be vanessa. at the end of season 2 when everyone was trying to figure out who gg is by sending a blast to gg cell phone the major characters who left the room were dan and vanessa, and vanessa acted really shady about leaving. Vanessa would have a motive because she knew dan in 9th grade, when he fell in love with the 'love of his life' serena and this whole gossip girl thing started, she could have been mad that the upper east side lured dan into liking serena. then vanessa (who hates the upper east side) conveniently moves away until junior year, but just as dan starts dating serena. vanessa decides she wants to be with dan and comes back to steal him away from serena, knowing all along that dan and serena were dating because again, she was getting the gossip girl blasts. She is in the fewest major gossip girl blasts overall, despises most of the major characters, and got dan's book that outted the upper east side published with out his consent. finally, in the video clip nate has of gossip girl getting the laptop back the culprit has black hair. so either one of blairs minions became really ballsy, or vanessa is it. or who knows major plot twist and it ends up being chucks long lost mother lol


Nelly Yuki!!!! Shes coming back this season

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