Gossip Girl Finale Set Photos: Major Spoilers Ahead!

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WARNING: Do not continue reading this if you want to avoid what looks like a major spoiler.

WARNING: We're serious, this is quite possibly the mother of Gossip Girl finale spoilers.

WARNING: There's really no going back from here. You can't unsee this stuff.

Is everybody clear on this? Okay ...

Earlier, we noted Chuck Bass' absence from the NYC set of the Gossip Girl series finale.

That appears to be premature. A new image appears to show Chuck very much alive.

And then some. He's in a white suit, standing with a beautiful girl in a dazzling gown.

Check out what appears to be Chuck and Blair's wedding in Central Park ...

Gossip Girl Finale Set Pic!

A TV Fanatic also reader writes this morning that Chuck is taken away by police at the end of the scene, so there's that. Obviously, we can't verify if this actually happens or if it does, what the circumstances are.

There have been dream sequences before, and there could be again. Just saying.

We'll leave it to you, Gossip Girl fans, to guess what comes to pass and how.

Is this the fairy tale ending Chair fans have been longing for? Discuss!

UPDATE, 10/16: Check out the new, high-quality images below ...

Chair Wedding
GG set pic finale

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Per a post on not the GG writers, this IS a dream sequence, not real. :( So far the first two episodes have been horrible. I want more Chair, less everyone/everything else. I watched all 5 seasons this summer, so I am really into Chair. But, a good thing is, if this was a dream, he doesn't get arrested AND I have read they have a son named Henry at the end!

Elise of the upper east side

I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL OR PERFECT IN MY LIFE. I'm so happy. It's perfect. Cant wait to see it!! I'm soooooo happy :')


Why dair shippers are here? i thought they were going to quit the show.They don't seem to get it.No one cares about what you guys think.Go read your fanfictions or disappear.Losers .And in your faces!!!CHAIR are getting married!!!!!


chair wedding!!!!!!

Drea xoxo

This show has lost its momentum and it seems these deluded writers keep thinking that we want wishy washy characters who deserve and are made to be together from day 1 yet they are scared because they think we'll get bored..? WRONG! i thought by the ending season chuck and blair be married from Monaco and took detour to vegas and opening be their UES and introduction to society party. and the remainder season be focused on them building their empires!!! why must you destroy things! OTH learnt this and made lucas and peyton unite midway through the series WHY CAN'T YOU GG WHY CAN'T YOU!! so over it only thing i care about now is the revealing of GG 1.0 thats what this season should also be focused on too!!

Drea xoxo

1) Dair shippers aka GG 3.0 please let go of this pathetic vendetta you have against chuck. Dan let himself down when he became a Rufus and couldn't accept the world of money, women empowerment and the UES society. He betrayed Blair on her wedding day when he sold her out countless of times or do you forget series 5? They were forced together because the writers got scared and blair was lonely.
2) i think that is a cop out again on the writers behalf that Chair couldn't be in bliss! I am so frustrated that after 6 seasons they can't just reside in manhattan as entrepreneur with their family, why does he need to get arrested this is just ludicrous! It will be an upsetting ending for the original NJBC if this was to happen.




OOOO yeah FYI theres a pic of blair WEARING the ring on the third page in ahhhhhhh!!! and chuck on the other s!!!!


I am so sick of Chair.
They're a disgusting couple who destroy everything around them.
I don't care about Chuck and Blair anymore. Nate, Serena and Dan are far better characters. They may do horrible things at times too, but they own up to their mistakes and try to make changes. Chuck and Blair justify their wrong-doings and continue to be terrible people.


sorry there isn't an S in the web name. It should be ggwriters.tumblr.com

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