Gossip Girl Finale Set Photos: Major Spoilers Ahead!

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WARNING: Do not continue reading this if you want to avoid what looks like a major spoiler.

WARNING: We're serious, this is quite possibly the mother of Gossip Girl finale spoilers.

WARNING: There's really no going back from here. You can't unsee this stuff.

Is everybody clear on this? Okay ...

Earlier, we noted Chuck Bass' absence from the NYC set of the Gossip Girl series finale.

That appears to be premature. A new image appears to show Chuck very much alive.

And then some. He's in a white suit, standing with a beautiful girl in a dazzling gown.

Check out what appears to be Chuck and Blair's wedding in Central Park ...

Gossip Girl Finale Set Pic!

A TV Fanatic also reader writes this morning that Chuck is taken away by police at the end of the scene, so there's that. Obviously, we can't verify if this actually happens or if it does, what the circumstances are.

There have been dream sequences before, and there could be again. Just saying.

We'll leave it to you, Gossip Girl fans, to guess what comes to pass and how.

Is this the fairy tale ending Chair fans have been longing for? Discuss!

UPDATE, 10/16: Check out the new, high-quality images below ...

Chair Wedding
GG set pic finale

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maybe this is a dream but the series wouldn't end with a dream so i'm still hoping for a chuck and blair wedding!:) and I don't think it's Eva's kid because not only has she not been on the show for awhile but even when she was there it wasn't for long! This is the last season so the producers aren't going to end it with a bunch of drama that leaves you hanging. The finale is supposed to tie up to the show.


all im thinking about is....THAT IS HER DRESS!? come on now waldorf...


Somebody is saying that the final episode is gonna be in to parts, so half the time is present and the other half is five years ahead. That would be pretty great! I think that in the nineth episode, Bart is trying to kill Blair on The Empire rooftop (like in season 4 episode 22 with Russel)and Chuck comes in the last minute and saves her, and pushes Bart down the roof. On the other half you see Blair, Chuck and the newly casted three year old boy, Alex, playing Chuck and Blair's son,(assumed to be named Henry) since he looks like Chuck and Blair and dresses exactly like Chuck.


Chair wedding is not a dream. I feel a little disappointed by the fact that it is rushed, but as long as they're happy in the future, I'm fine with that.
The kid should be Chuck and Blair's, since they say there will be a time jump. It can't be Eva's kid just because his name is Henry. I mean, Eva was blonde with blue eyes, and this kid looks pretty exactly like Blair and Chuck. Second of all, Eva didn't show up, so where on earth could this kid come from? He's fallen from the sky? I don't think so.


its not a dream sequence, more photos have surfaced of chuck wearing a black suit and a wedding band


I saw pics where Blair is standing with Serena at the wedding and Blair is in her dress. Why would that be if it was not a dream sequence on Blairs part? Meaning, maybe Derena gets married and Blair is dreaming of what her wedding would have been like to Chuck? Hope that is just speculation.


Ive invested five years of my life in this show because of Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass and I really hope it wasnt for nothing


@YW, @Chairfan74,@pty, My mistake I did not see in the pictures Eleanor. Although my point was not that Blair has to become a mother to young Henry, but that Blair, as Chuck in season 5, has become a better person and had grown up. I do not know if anyone saw the actress who plays Eva on the set? On the other hand, fits the description of the child that it was Chuck and Blair or Dan and Vanessa. Does anyone knows the name of Vanessa's father? But the producers have said there will be no time jumps, except perhaps in the Special. As for the wedding it would be the best ending double wedding CB and SD! I remain of the opinion that these pictures are of Chuck or Blair dream, after all this is the end of GG and production is likely to ensure that the end is the best!


They're clearly filming more than one ending. The final scene is still up in the air.


@pty, I totally agree with you, I don't understand the point why would the producers ruin the finale like this... With all these pictures exploiting through the Internet and also as you mentioned two weddings of four major characters rushed in only a finale... I can see Both being a dream but Chuck and Blair need a real decent wedding with no twist or turns... And again I agree with you that they need to create some momentum for the fans not like this ruining all the surprise

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