Gossip Girl Caption Contest 230

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Welcome to the 230th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic. Yes, 230 ... what a run! If you're new, this is where our readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama. Let's do it!

Your Caption Contest winner, using a photo from "Dirty Rotten Scandals," is queenbee94.

Very timely and well done. Honorable mentions go out to The Palace Resident and Serenated. The winning caption appears below. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next time!

Serena and Nelly

Gossip Girl: Looks like Hurricane Sandy may have blown away the city, but Sage has taken Manhattan my storm.

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Nelly: are you okay, Serena? You look pale!
Serena: Not so much really, I think it's ridiculous we've to sitting here to get in ladies room!


Serena(looking at Sage in her underwear) Write it down Nelly! "note for myself: next time remember wear panties under my skirt and now cross my legs 'til arrived at home"


Nelly: So why is some completely inexperienced 17-year-old girl the center piece model now?
Serena: Because the famous top model they originally booked cancelled about 5 minutes ago, because there were problems with her contract. Probably caused by the fact that this whole fashion show was announced a week ago.
Nelly: This sounds so familiar...
Serena: You're probably thinking of that time when Blair, who wasn't even an employee at the time, told all the models to leave, about 5 minutes before the show, and none of them cared to reconfirm this and also, none of the employees noticed a dozen models walk out. Luckily, I was asked to be the center piece model.
Nelly: Wow, this show just never gets old.


Nelly: Wow what a lame fashion show!
Serena: Yeah the audience is nearly as small as this sh#t show we are starring in.


Serena: *looking at Sage in her underwear* Wow, Jennifer Lawrence's seat behind me is still empty and this already feels like The Hunger Games.


Serena: Can't believe I got a first row seat in a fashion show.
Nelly: Yeah, even Jennifer Lawrence is seated behind you!
Serena: Um, duh. Have you seen me?


Serena: You know, when I was Sage's age, I was modeling for Waldorf Designs, too.
Nelly: So are you worried she'll outshine you?
Serena: Yeah, right, like that's ever going to happen!
Nelly: Um, Serena, she just took off her dress!!
Serena: Yeah, but I've got bigger boobs then her. S'all good.


Serena: oh is that Rufus Humphrey
Nelly: yeah, he is one hot DILF


Serena:Damn! Dan's not here :(
Nelly: DAN?! WHERE?!


Serena(thinking): maybe if I turn my head she'll leave
nelly: you know you just said that out loud, right?