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Great episode though less point A to B to C woud be better.


Olivia Dunham has always been compassionate, caring , her empathy has always been the reson she was so good at her job.
WATCH the pilot and season 1 etc, Olivia caring for Walter, Olivia feeling the pain from the victims.

It is a wonder that Olivia still had that empathy, after her childhood, the abuse by Bell, Walter, stepfather, no mother to take care of her.

So no excuse for Etta, she is cold, empty,
and Altlivia was not cold in her own world, only when she was undercover, and even then she had feelings.

They have now spent more time to establish Ettas backsstory in 2 epi than they have with Olivia in 4 seasons.

Standout was Anna Torv, beautiful subtle acting, dominating all the scenes by expressions, eyes and face.
She does not need the gadgets etc.


I guess it's nature versus nurture. With the alternate universe we have seen that under different circumstances both Walter and Olivia could become very cold and ruthless. We saw the same with Peter when he started killing the shape shifters for research. She comes from a family that tends toward single minded determination to accomplish a goal whatever cost.

I have a theory about her disappearing. What if she crossed universes. Olivia was at the beginning of her pregnancy when she lost the cortexiphan so what if some went into the fetus. A scared Etta could have crossed universes and found her parents gone when she finally got back.

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