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This was the episode I was waiting for -- one that sold me on the show and broadened my interest. The relationship between Watson and Holmes just became a Holmes-Watson relationship, a friendship (not a budding romance) where it's plain Watson is invested in Holmes (like in Sherlock at Christmas where Watson's girlfriend says Watson is a great boyfriend and that Holmes is lucky to have him ... and now I can believe Lucy Liu's Watson is the same kind of friend -- which should make for a lot of great dialogue, even some a bit lighthearted, in future episodes).



This series is totally entertaining and am entranced by Millers portrayal of Sherlock. Lucy and Aiden bring so much to their characters. Kudos to the series for bringing in such accomplished actors to play along side Miller. I like the procedural shows and because Sherlocks process is so interesting, I look forward to each episode.


I like the show, but it really doesn't seem like Sherlock Holmes to me, it's more like I'm watching a better version of Monk (by that I mean plots that don't insult a person's intelligence), with a lot of fine actors doing excellent work. But even if I didn't think the show was any good I would still watch because I get to enjoy seeing Lucy Liu every week.


Bloody LOVE this show. Jonny Lee Miller continues to astound with the depth of his acting. The nuances, and light and shade in his face and body is breath taking. I think he outshines Lucy Liu but he is the star after all. I think he manages to make Sherlock odd but endearing unlike Cumberbatch's Sherlock who is just plain annoying and unlikeable.

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