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Best. Twist. Ever.

Going into this episode, fans were skeptical of how Castle was going to end up at the center of a murder investigation. Never did it cross my mind that it would be because of 3XK. This character has been incredible since his first mention back in Castle Season 3.

Castle The Suspect

The Return of Creepy. "Probable Cause” focused on the murder of a young girl who had been strangled and tied up against the ceiling. Not only was this a creepy scene, it was very detailed. 

It started with Castle’s fingerprints on a door knob. This could have easily been a mistake. But once the jewelry video showed up, as well as the bag in Castle’s apartment, things got shady. Am I the only one that thought something could have been up with Alexis? She showed up that day to do laundry and left pretty quickly. 

Secrets Out. Because of the situation, Ryan was forced to spill the beans to Espo about the Castle/Beckett relationship. Kate headed over to Lanie’s to tell her herself. Love that the important people in their lives are now clued in on the situation. Now that this tension filled episode is gone, they can start making jokes about these two.

3XK. It is no secret that the Triple Killer episode is my absolute favorite. It kept you on your toes the entire time and made your heart jump. Somehow, two seasons later, this same character can still bring the same reaction. Jerry Tyson reappeared to ruin Castle and Beckett’s life. From the looks of the end of the episode, he will be back to do it again. I say, bring him on. My stomach completely jumped when their car was hit on that bridge. I love when Castle does serious drama. 

Caskett is Strong. These two work in pretty much every way. They are great co-workers, great friends, great in a relationship. And most of all, they are great partners. Castle and Beckett are extremely enjoyable to watch, especially in an episode like this one. Hats off to Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic for continuing to kill it week in and week out.

After Thoughts:

  • The Richard Castle lookalike was pretty crazy!
  • Gates is slowly joining team Castle. Love it!
  • Who else wishes they could have seen Lanie’s reaction to Beckett telling her about her relationship?
  • When will 3XK show up again? November Sweeps? Season finale time?
  • How serious looking was Castle shooting that gun? Same goes for Beckett. They both were ready to protect the one they love.

This episode was a home run. Andrew Marlowe - you have done it again. “Probable Cause” was an exciting hour. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you love it, too Sound off in the comments and let us know your opinions on the installment. And check back for the official TV Fanatic Castle Round Table later in the week as you hit up the Castle quotes page for some intense lines from the great Richard Castle.

Until next time, Castle fans. 


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Another quick thought? Whose gun did Castle pick up at the end? Was it Kate's or RXK's. If it was RXK's gun, that explains the getaway, cause he would have filled the gun with blanks. I have got to go watch it again. That scene was so awesome there wasn't a moment to think.


I was so wrong to predict that this episode will be boring cuz we already know castle's innocent. BOY WAS I WRONG!!
it was so amazing!
best episode so far.. so much drama and just it kept me holding my breath.
(i too suspected Alexis may have something to do with it) Amazing!! keep it up


Loved the entire episode - but WOW - I would have never guessed that Castle could shoot a gun like that - he had zero problem ripping off rounds ....


One of the best episodes in a while. Always loved the 3XK story arc. For me, the only thing missing from this episode was that Kate never said, "I love you." The jail scene where Kate assures Castle she never stopped believing him would have been the perfect time for those 3 magic words. Heck, I would even have settled for the library scene. Ah well, Marlowe made up for it by having that jolting car crash scene on the bridge! I was expecting an ambush and it still got me by surprise. Loved how when Kate started shooting at Tyson, she did not have her usual "I'm a badass cop and I mean business" look on her face. Instead, she looked like an avenging angel. That "You are trying to harm my loved one and I am bringing the wrath!" look was scary. Castle was equally serious when he unloaded on 3XK. Keep it up guys, so far I feel the fears that Castle would go the route of Moonlighting are nowhere to be seen. BTW, I may be somewhat of an anomaly as far as viewing audience. I am a 55-year-old male and am the one who got my wife and daughter interested in the show. Weird yes? No?


Greatness! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Now I can't wait for the ComicCon-theme epsiode next week. Let your geek flag fly, Nathan!


loved this one------------------------------


I loved the episode but i didnt get the satisfaction of not knowing it was the 3XK. Going in to the episode i didnt know he was gonna be in it but in the beginning when they showed the guest star names, it showed Michael Mosley's name so i knew the Tripple Killer was the one that framed Castle. Its only a minor nit pick and it doesnt take away from the fact that it was a great episode. This season so far has been great.


for two people supposedly in love, there is so little physical affection shown between them. agree with david, why not get a kiss in there once in a while?


Anyone else wondering how Castle arranged the fake guards his cell?
I doubt RXK will return this season. He will pop up when we least expect it- like ( dare I date myself) murdock on macguyver, every season or every other or so.
Loved the ep, loved how espo reacted to the news of Caskett. Wish we could have seen Lanie's.


Best ep of the season! Wow! Best episode in a long time, its a pity a lot of people might not have watched it cuz this ep was great.
Stana and Nathan are great, you could really see the emotion through their expressions when they tried to shoot the creep.

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