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There's just no other way to say it: The opening body discovery from tonight's episode of Bones was one of the grossest in recent memory. I can't get the image of the face plastered on a guy's shirt out of my head. And I can't decide if the fact that I can't see anything else is good or bad, either.

Perhaps the gross-out factor was meant to cover for the fact that this episode was just a filler until the show returns in November. That's right. As far as episodes of Bones go, "The Tiger in the Tale" wasn't the show's finest hour.

Bones Dynamic Duo

Perhaps the best thing to come out of the episode is that Daisy and Sweets broke up. That storyline was the best of the competing three.

The pair decided to move in together, but Sweets has underestimated the significance of such a maneuver. Where he sees someone to split the bills, she sees the beginning of the rest of their life together. After talking with Cam, Angela, and Booth, Sweets knows what must be done. Instead of carrying her across the threshold, he hands her the keys and tells her it's over.

The break up was strange, yes, in that aside from his brush with Agent Sparling last week there was nothing to indicate trouble in Camelot. But I can't say I'm sad to see Daisy go.

Her voice grates. Her enthusiasm prickles. Her bird-like features are, well, bird-like.

If you guys don't like Sweets, and judging by your comments on last week's review some of you don't, I really don't like Daisy. Let's see Sweets mope for a week and question his decision and then move on to someone else without ever having to hear from Ms. Wick again.

Or we could just get back to focusing on Booth and Bones.

I like this somewhat playful, dare-I-say-it happy Booth and Bones we've got right now. They are the epitome of the complementary couple and seeing their relationship play out in both the home and work settings is enjoyable. But it's wearing thin as the basis for the series.

The Bones-for-President bit was lame. It's as if there's nothing to do with Booth and Bones without drama to rattle so the writers throw together some farcical plot where Bones, out of thin air, begins to contemplate what kind of leader she'd be. Where was the set-up for that? Nonexistent. And where is this going? Nowhere.

Would someone like Temperance Brennan make a good President? Maybe. Maybe not. Does it really matter? No, it definitely doesn't. The entire thing was a waste of screen time.

Hodgins, Angela, and Cam were all relegated to the background tonight, existing solely to joke about excrement, cause damage to Jeffersonian equipment and help Sweets with his existential crisis. That was a waste, too. They're capable of so much more.

I'm not overly impressed with Bones Season 8. Aside from the first episode, we've gotten very little substance so far. I'm hopeful that when the show returns in November we'll get back to the case of Pellant, or another similar multi-episode arc that features drama and a problem that seems almost too complex to be solved.

What did you think of "The Tiger in the Tale?" Is season 8 standing up to previous seasons, or do you think it could be better?

Let me know what you thought in the comments. And if you need a fill while we wait for Bones to return, check out the Bones quotes page. Rate them and submit your own.


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Horrible episode all around. Another Sweets centric episode? None of this episode made sense. Not the presidency talk, not the break up. None of it. Bad move Bones. ery bad. As far as characters go, I'd rather see Sweets leave than Daisy. here's hoping it's stronger in November.


Hate Daisy
Hope she is gone for Good.
Love Sweets......but there is too much involvement by Sweets
and not enough on the two main characters and their baby.


I thought it was a very good show it had some twist and turns I watch it again and saw what I had missed and it was a lot better I had missed a lot the first time but Bones and Booth have some great thing going alot about their family and alot about the crime the airplane with the camera was great watch it again and see what you missed!!

Josie leeds

Rest of posting: woman as a counterfoil to his teenage angst and naivete. Did I mention "mature"?

Josie leeds

First, I have been a fan of "Bones" since day one, primarily because I have read all of the books by Kathy Reich. I get that Temperances' character on TV is "based" on the Temperance in the books, but they sure have nothing in common besides their name. Probably my biggest problem with TV Bones is how socially ignorant TB is, supposedly because she is such a genius. In the real world, NO ONE that inept could hold a position that high, at least not for long. If she's so damned smart, she should be able to figure out that she is seriously lacking in her ability to process the real world and take steps to remedy or lessen the problem. Taking everything so literally on a constant basis wears thin after awhile. The writers are better than this and I wish they would get over their boredom and remember what made the show so interesting and so much fun.
PS: Please leave Daisy in the trash heap of scripts. Few characters have been so annoying. Sweets needs a gorgeous, mature, very intelligent woman--and did I say mature? While Sweets and his teenage angst are endearing, everyone has to grow up at some point.


While I enjoyed Bones as per usual, it is the scene between Sweets and Daisy which lodged in my mind. (Yeah, capping even the nauseating fact-to-shirt image, which by the way, really lost out in the ick competition to the bloody guts falling from above and slapping Hodges in the face last week, don't you think?) Sweets ditching Daisy was way too abrupt for my money. I am surprised that she didn't react more emotionally. One minute they are moving in together, the next he breaks up with her? Hmmm. I would be willing to bet that they get back together.


I am voting for Bones for president!! She'd be SOOO much better than either of the two idiots who are running!! I agree wholeheartedly that shooters of tigers should get the death penalty! Fly those drones! But really, the best part of this episode was to bring attention to the plight of the exotic animals whose lives are ruined because someonne thought it'd be fun to have them as pets. It was great the way they showed the problem without getting "preachy" about it.


See what happen when you put to character together


I have never seen an episode I didn't enjoy. I really liked the it last night but I was very sad for Daisy and I think she is fun. Sweets needs her!


Just had to add this note I just received from one of my own readers: "OK JUST WATCHED EP4!!! Whoo! Now that is what im talking abt!!!! I loved the Bones and Booth Moments and the action!!!! So far the coolest episode!! P.s I VOTE FOR BONES!!! Got to get one of those badges!!! LOL!!! I'm with her ... It's BONES all the way, BABY ... the show, and the characters! Mox
Writer: The epic romance of B&B. This is how it could have happened
Fall in love all over again.

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Bones, no campaigning while we're doing the investigation, okay?


Camille: It's quite overwhelming moving in togheter, huh?
Sweets: Oh, it's great. I mean, all I had was an old chair, tv, video towels were old and I get the woman's touch, you know? A full set of silverware, an ottoman, and something called a duvet.