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There's just no other way to say it: The opening body discovery from tonight's episode of Bones was one of the grossest in recent memory. I can't get the image of the face plastered on a guy's shirt out of my head. And I can't decide if the fact that I can't see anything else is good or bad, either.

Perhaps the gross-out factor was meant to cover for the fact that this episode was just a filler until the show returns in November. That's right. As far as episodes of Bones go, "The Tiger in the Tale" wasn't the show's finest hour.

Bones Dynamic Duo

Perhaps the best thing to come out of the episode is that Daisy and Sweets broke up. That storyline was the best of the competing three.

The pair decided to move in together, but Sweets has underestimated the significance of such a maneuver. Where he sees someone to split the bills, she sees the beginning of the rest of their life together. After talking with Cam, Angela, and Booth, Sweets knows what must be done. Instead of carrying her across the threshold, he hands her the keys and tells her it's over.

The break up was strange, yes, in that aside from his brush with Agent Sparling last week there was nothing to indicate trouble in Camelot. But I can't say I'm sad to see Daisy go.

Her voice grates. Her enthusiasm prickles. Her bird-like features are, well, bird-like.

If you guys don't like Sweets, and judging by your comments on last week's review some of you don't, I really don't like Daisy. Let's see Sweets mope for a week and question his decision and then move on to someone else without ever having to hear from Ms. Wick again.

Or we could just get back to focusing on Booth and Bones.

I like this somewhat playful, dare-I-say-it happy Booth and Bones we've got right now. They are the epitome of the complementary couple and seeing their relationship play out in both the home and work settings is enjoyable. But it's wearing thin as the basis for the series.

The Bones-for-President bit was lame. It's as if there's nothing to do with Booth and Bones without drama to rattle so the writers throw together some farcical plot where Bones, out of thin air, begins to contemplate what kind of leader she'd be. Where was the set-up for that? Nonexistent. And where is this going? Nowhere.

Would someone like Temperance Brennan make a good President? Maybe. Maybe not. Does it really matter? No, it definitely doesn't. The entire thing was a waste of screen time.

Hodgins, Angela, and Cam were all relegated to the background tonight, existing solely to joke about excrement, cause damage to Jeffersonian equipment and help Sweets with his existential crisis. That was a waste, too. They're capable of so much more.

I'm not overly impressed with Bones Season 8. Aside from the first episode, we've gotten very little substance so far. I'm hopeful that when the show returns in November we'll get back to the case of Pellant, or another similar multi-episode arc that features drama and a problem that seems almost too complex to be solved.

What did you think of "The Tiger in the Tale?" Is season 8 standing up to previous seasons, or do you think it could be better?

Let me know what you thought in the comments. And if you need a fill while we wait for Bones to return, check out the Bones quotes page. Rate them and submit your own.


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"Or we could just get back to focusing on Booth and Bones." Again, Miranda, you like most fans, miss the point about this show. It's not about Booth and Bones and their relationship. It's a forensic science detective crime procedural about a team of forensic scientists working with a forensic anthropologist and FBI detective who discover bones or remains and solve the mystery (and crime) in identifying whose the corpse is, and who killed them. It's not One Life to Live. So why would you want them to focus on the relationship? It's not a soap! And now you also say that they the relationship is wearing thin. Of course it is, because that's not what the show was about in the first place. I find that you people who long for relationships between lead characters should stay on the CW channel and watch shows like Hart of Dixie, which I love, shows like The Lying Game, Drop Dead Diva and such like, because you all do not seem to understand what a good forensic/detective drama series is about. Once the leads are male and female you all want them together. Are you all tweens? For heaven's sake grow up people. That's why I like The Mentalist, Law and Order, and Criminal Minds. Those shows stick to the cases and leave the melodrama of relationships elsewhere.


All you fans of the show who hate Sweets and wanted the Booth/Bones relationship, it's good for you that they're showing more of Sweets and less of Bones and Booth. You know why? Because when Bones and Booth weren't together, there was a lot more for the writers to write, all with the tension and everything. Now that Booth is an almost married man, he's become cuckolded (not sure I have the spelling right). In other words, he's become soft around Bones in this relationship (like she's wearing the pants and he's so afraid to offend her; she might run away with the baby again), that he doesn't much speak his mind. So now the writers concentrate on Sweets. You all got what you deserve, pushing for that relationship. On another note, I love Sweets and although I didn't like Daisy, I found what Sweets did reprehensible, and feel sorry for Daisy. He could have handled that breakup better. So now I like him less and like Daisy more, after this episode. Seriously.


And just a side note... I didn't realize how creepy my handle was until I saw it posted... sorry about that! NOT a mad stalker or anything! LOL!!


I may get bashed for this, but I wish we could go back to the days where the show was more about the CASES and less about the RELATIONSHIPS!! I love when the whole Jeffersonian team contributes a piece of the puzzle, and Booth intimidates the suspect into confessing. THAT'S what made me love the show from the beginning... and there were only teasers about the personal relationships, not whole episodes devoted to nothing else! About this epi - I agree with most others on here. Brennan's reaction to the dead tiger was too much and out-of-character. Glad Sweets broke up with Daisy (otherwise known as the Most Annoying Character. Ever.), but didn't like the circumstances... I mean, really - he didn't know it was a momentous thing? How many degrees does he have again??? The running for Pres thing was kind of funny, but over-done. Just kind of a meh epi, imo.


I haven't even bothered to finish read this article as yet (which I plan to do, but I have to get my annoyance out first about the very first paragraph). Why would you say this episode is just filler? It was gross but very interesting; it was filled with everyone so noone was left out; and there were some funny lines especially between Bones and Booth. I couldn't ask for more. Why do some of you writers always feel that you have to be so negative, like you're the best writers in the world and seem to imply that the true writers of the show don't know what they're doing? And the best thing for you is that Sweets and Daisy broke up? Now I found that sad. Anyway, let me comment in a next post.


Last week I said in my blog that I would be ecstatic if Sweets would break up with Daisy, in fact I said it last year too. Thank you dear producers for making me a very happy Bones watcher and ending that relationship. That woman was the most annoying character and spoiled every episode she was in. Sweets made this weeks not so good one a good one by dumping doofus Daisy.


Don't know why it cut off my post. I meant to say that it was his "area of expertise".


Was this episode sponsored by PETA??? As someone else mentioned, the reaction to the death of a tiger was just completely out of character for Bones. It's not often you get to see character suicide on screen, but here it was. She's supposed to be "ultra rational" - overly so to a flaw - yet she breaks down in response to a death of a wild animal. This is something she never does for a human being no matter what sex, race, or age they are. On top of that, she suggests the death penalty for such an act! How is this even remotely in character? The whole "president" thing was a random thing I can half expect from the show: a little dumb, but presented in half-mocking light. So far this season, I'd rather watch Sweets on screen. They're better fleshing him out, and giving him more depth. While what he did was technically out of character as well, they presented it well through the story, and even had him remark on screen that he should have known better - that this was his area of expertise.


I'm a Sweets fan. I like him. I like the dynamic the character brings. Having said that, there has to be some decent plot to interact with. Definitely a filler.


I've seen every episode from the first (like most of you, I'd guess) - and one major thing I can't help but notice that the body discovery scenes have edged more and more toward supreme gross-out shock value over the years... is it take-your-3rd-grader to work day? "Bones" has so much potential, but maybe the writers are getting a little burned out. Daisy gets on my last nerve, but the way Lance acted in the latest episdoe was such a massive departure from everything else that's been presented about who he is as a person. He's supposed to be this honorable, kind, reasonable guy, but he was an absolute cad in the "Tiger" episode. It was SO out of left field, and presented as this last-minute "oh by the way..." kind of thing. I used to really like this show, but it has definitely been downgraded to "meh, nothing else is on" status.

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