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There's just no other way to say it: The opening body discovery from tonight's episode of Bones was one of the grossest in recent memory. I can't get the image of the face plastered on a guy's shirt out of my head. And I can't decide if the fact that I can't see anything else is good or bad, either.

Perhaps the gross-out factor was meant to cover for the fact that this episode was just a filler until the show returns in November. That's right. As far as episodes of Bones go, "The Tiger in the Tale" wasn't the show's finest hour.

Bones Dynamic Duo

Perhaps the best thing to come out of the episode is that Daisy and Sweets broke up. That storyline was the best of the competing three.

The pair decided to move in together, but Sweets has underestimated the significance of such a maneuver. Where he sees someone to split the bills, she sees the beginning of the rest of their life together. After talking with Cam, Angela, and Booth, Sweets knows what must be done. Instead of carrying her across the threshold, he hands her the keys and tells her it's over.

The break up was strange, yes, in that aside from his brush with Agent Sparling last week there was nothing to indicate trouble in Camelot. But I can't say I'm sad to see Daisy go.

Her voice grates. Her enthusiasm prickles. Her bird-like features are, well, bird-like.

If you guys don't like Sweets, and judging by your comments on last week's review some of you don't, I really don't like Daisy. Let's see Sweets mope for a week and question his decision and then move on to someone else without ever having to hear from Ms. Wick again.

Or we could just get back to focusing on Booth and Bones.

I like this somewhat playful, dare-I-say-it happy Booth and Bones we've got right now. They are the epitome of the complementary couple and seeing their relationship play out in both the home and work settings is enjoyable. But it's wearing thin as the basis for the series.

The Bones-for-President bit was lame. It's as if there's nothing to do with Booth and Bones without drama to rattle so the writers throw together some farcical plot where Bones, out of thin air, begins to contemplate what kind of leader she'd be. Where was the set-up for that? Nonexistent. And where is this going? Nowhere.

Would someone like Temperance Brennan make a good President? Maybe. Maybe not. Does it really matter? No, it definitely doesn't. The entire thing was a waste of screen time.

Hodgins, Angela, and Cam were all relegated to the background tonight, existing solely to joke about excrement, cause damage to Jeffersonian equipment and help Sweets with his existential crisis. That was a waste, too. They're capable of so much more.

I'm not overly impressed with Bones Season 8. Aside from the first episode, we've gotten very little substance so far. I'm hopeful that when the show returns in November we'll get back to the case of Pellant, or another similar multi-episode arc that features drama and a problem that seems almost too complex to be solved.

What did you think of "The Tiger in the Tale?" Is season 8 standing up to previous seasons, or do you think it could be better?

Let me know what you thought in the comments. And if you need a fill while we wait for Bones to return, check out the Bones quotes page. Rate them and submit your own.


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Hmmm. I liked this episode. I enjoy the gross-out factor (used to want to be a forensic pathologist, so.....), and Hodgins is my favorite character. But I found, while obviously a filler episode, the episode fit right in. With the current presidential election, it makes sense that many people are starting to wonder if they could do a better job (I know I wonder that sometimes, dislike both candidates this round). No deep thoughts, but applicable to the times. As far the tiger, I don't think Bones was out of character at all either. As someone who used to want to be a forensic pathologist, the site of a runover cat brings me to tears. I also think that this episode showed growth for Bones as a character too. She's starting to think of other people more and not afraid to show more emotions (especially in front of Booth, and honestly even he looked surprised too at her tears over the tiger). The show hasn't come out and said it, but it has been implied (and this is true, I speak from experience) that having a baby can affect how a new mom sees the world and re-prioritizes things. We haven't had a case with a child victim yet, have we???? Since the birth of Christine?? A case like that will really show how/if Bones has grown emotionally since Christine.


I will miss Daisy. I enjoyed having her pop in for a few minutes every third or fourth episode. She could say things that absolutely no one else could get away with, which was always great fun in small doses. What she did best though, was reinforce what everyone knows: Sweets is an oddball. So she supplied the reassurance that there is still "someone" for everybody. And now... maybe there isn't.
One Life to Live was always best when it was character driven. Its weakest seasons occurred under the event-driven writing teams. I agree that Bones should be opposite. The bricks are the cases to solve; the relationships just mortar.


Like Booth and Bones. Like Sweets. Like Daisy too. If she's really gone, I will miss her. Maybe she had a better offer somewhere? Like Hodgins, Angela and Cam. Like all the quirky assistants. They are all interesting people and, more important, they aren't all conventionally pretty. Which is nice.It's a diverse cast with a couple of principles who can step aside once in a while to let other stories be told. Agree with many things Ravie pointed out - this isn't One Life to Live. Thank all the gods. That being said, it wasn't my favorite episode. Weak writing.


That was the best show ever.


Guys, you are wasting your time complaining about Sweets being rammed down or throats. Taking over Booth/DB's FBI, role scenes...Hart Hanson does not care what we "dim nasties" (his words) say. He has an ego bigger than Brennan's, ha!...I truly do feel disappointed how Hart has basically made Bones unwatchable for me due to his fanboy obsession with JFD/Sweets. Shame really.


Sorry. But the writers get PAID to come up with plots and storylines. So to say that they have ran out of ideas for Booth & Brennan, as to why Sweets is getting so much airtime is just lame....Get new writers then....I could come up with 5 great episodes right now for BOOTH.


Any more Sweets episodes, taking over screentime from Booth. Taking over screentime from the othe supporting actors. And I AM DONE WITH THIS SHOW. Get ur shiz together Hanson


Wow. As a huge Bones fan from season 1 I have to say that I was not as disappointed as some are expressing by last night's episode. I AM surpried by how many people are confused by Temperance's reaction to the death of the tiger. As previosly mentioned she is a vegan and cherish's things that others don't. She has expressed a disconnect to people and the fact that she enjoys animals more. Does anyone remember her devestation over the death of the dog that was taught by a human to kill? That is what makes her so interesting and incredible. Not my all time favorite episode but I enjoyed it. I watch to enjoy and escape for awhile and I did.


I agree with all those who said that Brennans reaction to the death of the Tiger was out of character and certainly over the top--she's supposedly hyper-rational, after all, so why suddenly is she screaming like a harpy over a dead animal? She barely raises an eyebrow over dead people, but suddenly tigers make her emotional? Huh? And the whole president thing was really stupid--she's been a fugitive and her father was in prison, how far does she think she'd get with any sort of campaign? She's supposedly a genius, yet she can't figure it out? Same goes for Lance Sweets, who has a ton of degrees but suddenly not an ounce of compassion or empathy for a girl he has been sleeping with for years? Bizarre! Though I know Daisy was very annoying, I thought she was funny in a bird-like way, with her hyper-sexuality and her giggles over things that should not be laughed over. I feel terrible for her character.


you all do not seem to understand what a good forensic/detective drama series is about. That's why I like shows like Criminal Minds, Law and Order and The Mentalist. They concentrate on the cases and not relationships. Even Castle has gone the way of the relationship. Let's see how long the "true fans" last before they start complaining about too much "relationship". And you are the ones that push the producers who cave and give you what you want, then when you get it you complain afterwards. It's good for you and I hope they continue with the relationship of Booth and Bones and make you all miserable.

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