Bones Promo: Lions, Tigers and Lunatics

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After an episode last night that focused on Sweets and was greeted with a lukewarm reception at best (see our Bones review for further discussion), Fox's quirky crime drama looks to right the ship next Monday.

In "The Tiger in the Tale," the team investigates the death of Jared Drew, an animal expo employee, and in the course of their investigation into his death, they enter the world of illegal animal trafficking.

Meanwhile, Sweets and Daisy embark on a major change in their relationship, and Temperance also hints at making a presidential run, as evidenced by a couple of great quotes in the trailer below. Watch!

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Bones Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Bones, no campaigning while we're doing the investigation, okay?


Camille: It's quite overwhelming moving in togheter, huh?
Sweets: Oh, it's great. I mean, all I had was an old chair, tv, video towels were old and I get the woman's touch, you know? A full set of silverware, an ottoman, and something called a duvet.