Blue Bloods Review: He Said, She Said

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As much as I enjoy Blue Bloods, there are cases that leave me with more questions than answers. "Domestic Disturbance" was one of those episodes.

For those who aren't aware, October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month and kudos to Blue Bloods for highlighting the issue, even though it came across more forced than I'm sure they intended it to.

Dealing With a Politician

I say the storyline felt contrived because we've never seen Danny and Jackie responding to a domestic disturbance call before. There is a specialized Domestic Violence Unit in every precinct in New York City. Perhaps there are times when that unit becomes so busy that detectives from other departments step in to help. I have no insider knowledge so that's just a guess on my part. Still, it felt odd to see the detectives who normally handle major crimes dealing with such a case.

Having Jamie respond to the call first would have made more sense. Maybe Jamie could have felt something was off or figured out the councilman was involved and talked to his brother about it. At the very least that would have given Will Estes more to do than sit around the dinner table. There are far too many episodes where we see little of Jamie, making it feel as though Blue Bloods is the Danny Reagan show.

Jackie's reaction to the case surprised me a little. I can only imagine that by the time a cop makes detective they've dealt with more domestic cases than they can count, but I suppose not everyone becomes jaded to it.

Back to the case: would detectives have pushed as hard as Jackie and Danny did here? The girlfriend recanted her story before the police even arrived. There were no actual witnesses and the boyfriend was a city councilman and retired police officer. I'm not saying Mancini wasn't guilty or that they shouldn't investigate but if there's no evidence and your witness won't cooperate, how far can you take the investigation?

As Frank asked Danny in this Blue Bloods quote

Frank: And she's accusing the councilman?
Danny: No, she's accusing a flight of stairs. | permalink

Yeah, those stairs can be nasty, especially when they get angry.

Angela was the crazy girlfriend and Tony was the untouchable abusive boyfriend. His shooting became a bad case of he said / she said. It's sad that the best outcome was for these two to agree to head to separate corners and move on.

As usual, Frank did the right thing. That's something Blue Bloods fans can always count on but now we're left to wonder if his budget got gutted for it. I hope they follow up on that next week.

It was great to see Linda back in the ER. It should lead to some tension at home as the family, especially Danny learns to adjust and will give Linda a reason to be involved in more cases. That's a win-win all the way around.

The Reagan family dinner was a bit of a let down this week and it left me with one question. How many spray cheese cans do you need to make a dish of mac and cheese? 

Despite my issues, this was still an interesting case, more so because there was no happy ending. Perhaps that's what makes it closer to reality than any of us should be happy with.

Domestic Disturbance Review

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