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It's all fun and games until somebody swoops in and takes out one of Arrow's targets before his work is done!

In "Lone Gunman" the offending vigilante wasn't in fact a vigilante at all. As Oliver helpfully pointed out, this guy didn't go after people for justice, he just did it for the kill.

One bullet laced with poison was all it took for this assassin. That's why the various organizations searching for him called him Deadshot.

Taking Deadshot

Besides, Deadshot is easier to say than "creepy killer who tattoos his hits' names on his body." This was a new and very highly skilled opponent for Oliver, but luckily he was familiar with the act of getting poisoned. 

With more flashbacks to the island, I feel like we're finally starting to really piece together Oliver's time there. The biggest revelation, however, was not until the end when the original Arrow told a foolish Oliver that "they" would kill him out there alone." Then what looked like a black ops team poked around and realized their trap came up empty. Those were not just random hunters on the island. Dare I say they might've been hired by Moira Queen? 

Moira stated last week that the yacht was sabotaged. But then, did she really leave her son on a deserted island for five years? It's not really making sense to me just yet. Please feel free to add your theories in the comments as I'd love to hear them! Either way, Moira is definitely shady and as previews show, she is aware that there is a list of bad guys.

As far as being aware, Moira and Thea have to notice the conflicting sides of Oliver's personality that keep coming out. Or, as Thea so helpfully dubbed it, his "judgmental hypocrisy." Where else would she have learned such petulant and rebellious behavior? By the way, if I ever saw my protective big brother at a club I wasn't supposed to be at, I'd never tell him I was so wasted I was seeing two of him. C'mon Thea, you are definitely smarter than that.

Detective Lance has also caught on that Arrow has a specific method and realized immediately that it wasn't his handiwork that killed James Holden. Arrow has a method to his madness and after his tipoff to Lance about Deadshot, I think it's safe to say Detective Lance's hatred of the hooded man will no longer be so strong. He sure did teach his daughter well might I add. Laurel kicked some ass this week! 

Laurel isn't fooling anyone about her feelings, though. She refused to believe that Oliver didn't care about her and Tommy and insisted that he must've already known. True or not, it's obvious Laurel isn't ready to give up on him.

My favorite part of the episode was the end when Oliver saved Diggle. It was only a matter of time before Diggle found out Oliver's secret. When they were at the gala, did Oliver slip up about the information he knew on purpose? I'd assume so, but who knows. It was a great way to end the episode with Diggle waking up and Oliver just simply stating "hey."

Where do we go from here? Will Diggle become Oliver's confidante? I think the club is a great cover for Arrow's workshop.

What did everyone else think of this episode? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out our Arrow quotes section!


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★★☆☆☆TV Some serious plot holes as mention here. WTFiller episode.


love this series really enjoying of the best on uk tv


Deadshot, not dead. Mythbusters episode where a sniper round through the eyescope won't kill a person, let alone an arrow through a giant metallic eyepiece. Plus the arrow was sticking out more or less the whole length of it. Great show, can't wait to see more.


"A Capable and badass female characters is pretty much unseen sight in channel like CW, so its more than welcome." Bored Now, are you kidding? Haven't you seen Nikita? Nikita and Alex are 2 females on CW who kick real ass. Also the new show, Beauty and the Beast, that Kruek girl from Smallville kicked some real ass in the pilot and 2nd episodes. You're missing out on some good shows if you haven't ever watched Nikita, and if you missed the new Beauty and the Beast. Check them out. I'm enjoying this new show, Arrow, tremendously. Agree with most of the posts so no need to say more.


The characters are excellent in this show! I love them all. I was especially happy that Dig found out who Arrow is at the end of this ep. and I love Laurel's father. He's not some dumb police officer and he's shown that he doesn't let his dislike of certain people (such as arrow) deter him from the facts. Love the little character nods too. Like Laurel kicking ass (like black canary), and nearly every time you see merlin he's wearing black. Deadshot is technically still alive at the end of the episode (his neck was twitching, so he still had a pulse). So he very well may return in future episodes.
I'm really curious to know how oliver managed to become a captain in the Bratva on the island though.


Arrow in the eye. Yeah, dead. in OUR WORLD. Although, this is TV, and TV World is known for clearly bending the rules of physics as well as medicine, and counting--how many bullets does a 6-shooter REALLY have? I would expect to see One Shot return, simply because in TV world everything is, well, different. Great show! Keep up the good work.


I am loving this show. I'm not familiar with the comic series, but have a general idea from other people 's comments. I loved Laurel kicking butt and Diggle finding out the truth. I'm glad they didn't drag him finding out any longer, because I don't think a bodyguard who can't keep track of his client would keep his job realistically. I'm also intrigued by Moira Queen. Obviously shady and yet some shades of a good person. If she is a full-fledged villain, I like them layered, so I'm pleased they are making her more than just a Queen B. I also presume Deadshot really isn't dead since he is supposed to be a major villain. Where's the fun in killing him off so soon?

Sarah silva

It is very obvious that Laurel still loves Oliver and is with Tommy to try and get over him but it will only be a matter of time before she is back with Oliver.

Sarah silva

BEST SHOW on TV! At lease in my opinion! This show is so great! I know some people think Stephen Ammell can not act and that his voice overs are cheesy. While I do think at times they can be a little cheesy it does not bother me at all. It works very well. I can understand Thea being a little messed up but she is quite the brat, I think that the talk with her mom may have made her smarten up a little. Oliver is just trying to help her and she is being mean to him!
I knew that Diggle would be the one to find out about Oliver first! I loved that he will have a confidant! I do think he let it slip as it as an odd conversation have with Dig. Oliver knew he had to let Dig in on who he was sooner than later. As Dig following him to the bathroom would have been the last straw!
Once again Oliver had some funny lines!
I too think that Moira is behind all this and sent the black ops guys to the island.
It is very obvious that Laurel still loves Oliver and is with Tommy to try and get over him but it will only be a matter of time before she is back with Oliver.


I think DeadShot was using the scope on his other eye as a range finder, which usually requires a two person sniper team. He was awesome. I also thought that the storyline intentionally created a situation where he didn't get to wait around to see if DS was really dead (ie poisoned Diggle). I was thinking/hoping maybe we would find out somehow the arrow missed vital brain and brain stem areas and that he would live. Then he could replace that eye with a mechanical one that glows red... I mean why would they show that he was Diggle's bro's killer then one-off him like that? IDK here's hoping.

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