American Horror Story Giveaway: Win Season 1 on Blu-ray!

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Attention, American Horror Story fans: before you enter the Asylum, enter the following contest in order to win Season 1 of this FX thriller on Blu-ray.

Season 1 of AHS

We have TWO copies of the first season to give away to TWO lucky readers. Just follow these very simple steps:

  1. Log-in or Register for TV Fanatic. Only registered users are eligible.
  2. Leave a Comment below with your answer to this question: With Season 1 taking place in a haunted house, and Season 2 inside a mental institution.... where do you think Season 3 of American Horror Story ought to be set?

That's it! Contest is open to U.S. residents only and we will announce the winners on Friday, October 12. Get creative, have fun and good luck to all!

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I think season 3 should be either in a large old prison or an aging theme park.


i think season 3 should be about a car


Titanic, days before the iceberg, different stories going on, the viewers know the boat will hit the iceberg, but maybe the reason it hits is because of something haunted....


I think Season 3 could possibly get away with taking place in an entire town - not just one building. The town could be a place like Salem with a history of witches. I think another good option would be a chilly boarding school, a brother and sister with a dark history could transfer there, only to realize the culture of the rich, elite, old fashioned society of the school holds more secrets than they do. The haunted school is full of corruption, cover ups, and horror.


Some of the best potential I think would be a haunted Prison.


Seeing as you have done a haunted house and are about to enter an asylum! How about you complete the circle and enter a mortuary.


maybe at an old jail that had horrible criminal in Alcatraz or some other place like that


I think season 3 should take place in a penitentiary.


I think Season 3 would be interesting to be set in old eerie New Orleans or maybe a castle in Enlgnad


I think it should be set in a wood cabin in the woods in the middle of no where

American Horror Story Quotes

Dandy: Bette I know you love me. Tell them you want to stay and live forever in luxury.
Dot: There's something wrong with Dandy and you know it.
Bette: I'm sorry but I choose my sister always. We have to go.

Billie: Her husband murdered her with an ice pick.
Constance: It's hard to keep good help.