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Attention, American Horror Story fans: before you enter the Asylum, enter the following contest in order to win Season 1 of this FX thriller on Blu-ray.

Season 1 of AHS

We have TWO copies of the first season to give away to TWO lucky readers. Just follow these very simple steps:

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  2. Leave a Comment below with your answer to this question: With Season 1 taking place in a haunted house, and Season 2 inside a mental institution.... where do you think Season 3 of American Horror Story ought to be set?

That's it! Contest is open to U.S. residents only and we will announce the winners on Friday, October 12. Get creative, have fun and good luck to all!

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A small town or maybe a maybe an old hollywood hotel


Season 3 - 40s restaurant.


I can think of three great places for season 3. A hotel, a prison, or a cruise ship. All three hold great potential for a very good mind scramble.


I think Season 3 should be set in a haunted apartment complex full of murder, and mystery. With many twists and turns and gruesome details. A couple moves into this old, vintage apartment with children and they get haunted and discover secret passages that lead them to discover the horrors of what took place by a serial murderer years before they moved in, and everything has been covered up by the small town the apartment is located.


A couple of thoughts..different from the first 2 seasons.. A cool location would be to base it in a coal mine or oil refinery..somewhere that is isolated or underground. The workers and their families would be living in that area but somewhat removed from civilization. An inspector is called to investigate all the mysterious events and the inspector and his/her family become the central characters. Maybe there was a mass grave in that area or the mine owners' ancestors let a lot of workers die due to negligence or personal gain. An added twist would be to base it about 100 or so years in the past, during the industrial revolution or world war 1. Another suggestion would be to have a cast of a movie shooting (on an island or a desert for added effect) and being on a movie set over a 2-3 month period and some cast members have a dark past. Weird things can happen while filming and some secrets are not revealed until the end when the editor is reviewing the tapes.


I think season 3 should take place in a haunted boarding school. Those schools are creepy enough as it is, but much more so if they're old. They just have so much history tied in with their academic legacy because everyone lives there during the school year. I know a few people who went to boarding schools and has more than their share of paranormal encounters so I think it'd definitely be awesome if AHS would explore a story line of this nature in their next season.


While I do like the continuous thoughts on theme parks and penitentiaries, I think it would also be enjoyable to take on a cabaret. Sure the setting might seem a little too loud and promiscuous, but there are ways around the fantasy atmosphere. For example, the horror could take place in the basement while on the main floor there’s music, laughing, and drinking. The cabaret could be a cover up for a conspiracy amongst the staff or for something darker that has no relation to the club at all - as long as there's some gore. You’d have two worlds mixed with one but set in the same time. Theme parks and penitentiaries are awesome places with great potential, but they might be too big and the amount of extras needed on set would be crazy.


A well known hospital


A church would be interesting.


Hmmmm....a deserted island somewhere -- nobody can get off of it\Digicats {at}

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