Will Kate Walsh Return to Grey's Anatomy?

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Kate Walsh is leaving Private Practice after Season 6. This we know.

Addison Montgomery hasn't necessarily left the building, however.

Walsh could always show up on Grey's Anatomy, which she's open to: "There's always that possibility," she told E! at Entertainment Weekly's pre-Emmy party in West Hollywood. "It's really up to Shonda [Rhimes]."

That Look

"Of course I'd want to do it. I'm open to anything. I'm ready for my next chapter, but never close the door ... I'm going to rest, I'm going to travel and work hopefully on other stuff and spend time with my family and friends."

Walsh announced in June that she would leave Private Practice after this season.

"It's been an incredible journey and an amazing ride and I'm hugely, hugely grateful," the 44-year-old redhead said. "It's bittersweet. It's a huge chapter of my life. It's been eight years."

Walsh can currently be seen in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the movie adaptation of the teen-angst novel of the same name, as the mom to The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev and Logan Lerman.

While the coming, 13-episode season of Private Practice may be its last, it's doubtful Grey's Anatomy will bow out after the show's ninth season, offering Walsh plenty of chances to return to Seattle Grace.

Would you like to see Addison on Grey's again? Discuss below.

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It will be a joy to have KW back to GA


Hell Yes


Omg if Kate Walsh went back onto Grey's I would be sooo happy. I really hope that she will go back to Grey's because I love her and cried when she left Grey's.


I could see Addison showing up to see Derek after he crashed in a plane and is probably about to lose the best friend/brother he´s known since childhood who happens to also be a good friend of hers. Not to mention that she might be willing to show off Henry and introduce him to Zola. :) Richard is also a good friend of hers,a nd after what he´s been through and goes through with his wife currently there´s more than enough material to include her for a guest starring or two.


Addison had her own show, why have her pop up in GA again? It won't be a 'special cross over episode' anymore. It won't say much about SGH if it hasn't got a decent OBGYN by now! I'm also sure Karev will be given a love interest before Addison will be available. But knowing Shonda it wouldn't surprise me if Addison is recycled into GA in S10 for the 200th episode!


Most Definitely !!!! She brings so much to the show. Im sure Derek could use an old friend and what goes around comes around, right? Watch out M !!!!!!


Absolutely if She's not on pp she needs to be on greys


Sure... but don't start a love thing between her and some other people..


She was talking about a guest appearance. She was simply saying she is ready to move on, spend time with family/friends, etc but she will always be grateful towards Shonda. Therefore, if Shonda asked her to make a guest appearance, she wouldn't just slam the door in her face.


Logan Lerman looks like a young Paul Rudd. And they are both Jewish. Too bad Rudd is not playing Lerman's father in this film.

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