White Collar Midseason Report Card: A-

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It’s been one heck of a summer run for White Collar.

And with the USA Network smash on hiatus - and already renewed for Season 5! - now seemed like the idea time to take a look back and grade what we've seen so far on Season 4, TV Fanatic Report Card style...

White Collar Tandem

Best Episode: “Identity Crisis” was a fun episode that could have sent the cast of National Treasure running for the hills. The twists and turns regarding the Culper legacy had me wanting to hit the library for some follow-up reading. If only they knew that the treasure was real!

Best Teamwork Moment: The scene between Elizabeth, Peter, Sara and Neal in “Compromising Positions” was a delightfully unexpected moment of solidarity between the four. As awkward as it was to hear and see Elizabeth and Neal give Peter and Sara tips on how to pose for salacious photos to be used in their larger con, their comfort level with each other was intriguing.

Most Gasp Worthy Moment: Finding out that Sam was Neal’s father in “Vested Interest.” Though many saw it coming, the possibilities it opened up for the remainder of the season are endless.

Best Mozzie Quote: “Our unholy union is the only thing keeping Neal from ending up in Green Point.” Mozzie cringes when he has to ask Peter for help and makes sure we're all aware of his apprehension every time he does. This most recent reflection, however, made me laugh each time I saw it.

Looking Ahead: I’m hoping for some more Sara, more Treat Williams, Neal to find out more about his past and what the real truth is behind his childhood in witness protection.

Overall Grade: A-

Your turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give White Collar Season 4 so far?

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Season 4 has been really GOOD so far. I agree with the others that the less Sara the better or NO SARA at all would be best!!!. IMO this season is feeling alot like S1. (I hope the 2 Sara episodes to come will not mess that up. I don't care about her story.) I liked Alex, Sophie and Maya interacting with Neal and enjoyed them so much. Wouldn't mind seeing any one of them again. Really enjoy Peter and Neal's maturing in their friendship. Like Treat Williams alot as Sam/James, but just sad that they killed off Ellen/Judith Ivey.


I love season 4 so far. And the less Sara the better.


I enjoyed the start of Season 4, with Diminishing Returns as my favorite, loved Neal and Peter in the "Yard". Ancient History second favorite. Love having a smart and sexy female character. She conned them all this time. Hope to see Gloria Votsis back in Season 5. Another favorite was "Gloves Off, don't like boxing, but I enjoyed the episode. I like the daddy storyline, Treat is great. I DISLIKE the Sara Ellis character from the first episode she was intro'd and am one of the long time fans who would be happy if she NEVER came back.


I personally don't love the daddy storyline,but I would endure it cos I love the show..and no more sara,bring back ALEX...


I would give the season a B I think very entertaining but not its best. I do agree that we need to sere more Sara, I love her and her ineraction with everyone. I do wish they would tone down the mistrust between Peter and Neal, not much of that every season.Neals father was probably my least favorite part of the season, not sure why but i dont really care for it.


C/C+ Best Mozzie Quote: "45 years ago an enigma gave a paradox a very special hug"


They're really just repeating the storyline from season 1-2. The episodes are entertaining, yes, but rarely interesting. A lot of setup, but no fallout. The only positive thing about this first half is that they've stopped forcing Sara into the storylines.


A little too lenient on the grading... B- in my books The writing of the episodes this season are getting a little lazy, especially when compared to the fantastic second half of season 3. While I agree that Identity Crisis was one of the better episodes of the season so far, the beginning of the episode was so bogged down my exposition and pointless dialogue that I almost turned off the TV. Most of the main conflict has just been retreading the trust issues between Peter and Neal from Season 3. The whole season, I have the feeling that we had seen or done it all before. Season 4 needs its own identity, so hopefully the revelation of Neal's dad will be a launchpad for Season 4.5. The best episode in my books was Wanted. A breathe of fresh air with a new location, excellent new characters, while still balancing the two-faced personality of Neal within a new context. Personally, I wished they had dragged out the island storyline further.


I agree that it has been one heck of the summer run and with overall grade A-, but I strongly disagree with the best list. 'Identity crisis' was typical filler episode, just empty comedy; everybody guessed that Sam was Neal's father, and I'm sorry but about 50% of fans hope never to see Sara again. These and Peter's quick judgement are exactly the things that add - to A.


I think you were far too generous with the rating. The first two episodes were a massive let-down, especially the way Peter led the FBI right to Neil's location. The fact that Neil & Mozzie couldn't figure out they were being protected by a powerful fugitive was also a bit out of character. Peter's demotion at the FBI was resolved far too quickly, with seemingly NO long-term consequences. In fact, the whole storyline of Neil going into hiding at the end of last season was somehow rendered completely irrelevant. There was improvement in the later episodes, but I do think the revelation of Neil's father was a bit too obvious. I'd place the rating at the C+ or B- range.

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