White Collar Midseason Report Card: A-

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It’s been one heck of a summer run for White Collar.

And with the USA Network smash on hiatus - and already renewed for Season 5! - now seemed like the idea time to take a look back and grade what we've seen so far on Season 4, TV Fanatic Report Card style...

White Collar Tandem

Best Episode: “Identity Crisis” was a fun episode that could have sent the cast of National Treasure running for the hills. The twists and turns regarding the Culper legacy had me wanting to hit the library for some follow-up reading. If only they knew that the treasure was real!

Best Teamwork Moment: The scene between Elizabeth, Peter, Sara and Neal in “Compromising Positions” was a delightfully unexpected moment of solidarity between the four. As awkward as it was to hear and see Elizabeth and Neal give Peter and Sara tips on how to pose for salacious photos to be used in their larger con, their comfort level with each other was intriguing.

Most Gasp Worthy Moment: Finding out that Sam was Neal’s father in “Vested Interest.” Though many saw it coming, the possibilities it opened up for the remainder of the season are endless.

Best Mozzie Quote: “Our unholy union is the only thing keeping Neal from ending up in Green Point.” Mozzie cringes when he has to ask Peter for help and makes sure we're all aware of his apprehension every time he does. This most recent reflection, however, made me laugh each time I saw it.

Looking Ahead: I’m hoping for some more Sara, more Treat Williams, Neal to find out more about his past and what the real truth is behind his childhood in witness protection.

Overall Grade: A-

Your turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give White Collar Season 4 so far?

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The next season seems promising as we get to see a side of Neal never seen before. The scene where Neal and James hug is so emotional and awesome. I too hope there won't be much of Sara. As much as I feel bad for Hilarie for some of the mean things said about her...I find her acting grating and very sitcom-like and out of sync with the show. Plus they have established Neal as a very romantic and passionate guy in a "larger than life" kind of way. The way he pined for Kate, or pursued Maya and built the NY skyline, or the way he looks at Alex...I never saw this side of him in his interactions with Sara. If they do need to keep her, they should make her appearances seemless and less forced. Neal's mom probably is on the horizon as well....they can't leave that unanswered.


I am, literally, counting the days til Season 4 resumes. The "trust issue", to me, is what makes WC different from most other procedurals or buddy shows. If it were lost, I'd probably continue to watch...but not with the same enthusiasm. Watching this show has escalated my pre-existing paranoia (thanks, Moz) so the ease of the paternity reveal and all the warning signals from "The Gut" make me suspect that SamDad could have a more complex agenda than meets the eye. Okay, I'm hoping he does, lol! The season cliffhangers have been pretty big...exploding planes, Nazi plunder, Neal and Mozzie's Excellent Island Adventure...so I'm hoping for something just as spectacular this year! Oh, and I like Sara.


I really hope to see more Sara this new season, I love her character, and Neal and her are so great together!! I was a little disappointed by season 4 because she didn't appear often, and I thought she will because her character is now a regular.


I'm sick and tired of the WC writing staff shoving Sara Ellis in our face. Her character has NO CHEMISTRY WITH NEAL!!!


love it,agreed that Neil & Peter need less mistrust issue. More Sara & Mrs Suit


It was a good season, especially the parts in Cape Verde and the renewed trust between Peter and Neal. However I disagree with everything else. Identity Crisis was my least favorite episode that turned the character of Mozzie into a mockery, and nothing was better than Sara being absent. I wouldn't loose sleep if I never see her underdeveloped, badly acted hide again. Sam being Neal's father was the silliest twist they could come up with.


The first half of season 4 is very good. Wanted and Most Wanted and being on the beautiful island with little Hector and Maya was great. Loved Neal's skyline he made for Maya. Lovely scenery!
I really loved when Peter seemed so relieved to find Neal and gave him that big hug. I do like their interaction. Glad that HB is no longer a regular, not having her forced into storylines has been so much better this season. (IMO there is no more need of the Sara character). She was ok as part of the storyline in episode 7, but she really wasn't needed in episode 4. I love how Mozzie showed his jealousy over Sam/Treat Williams(good actor) and Neal., and how Alex finally showed up to get even with the guys for taking her treasure. loved how the guys remembered the S1 cases at the conference in Vested Interest.


I give first half of season 4 an A!! This season is building to be my favorite with all episodes so far outstanding. I love to watch episodes for a second, third, fourth and well you get the point, and I have watched episodes 1,2,8,9 & 10 many times!! I love Treat as Sam/James and loved having Alex back and I can't wait to see the rest of season 4 and really look forward to season 5.


I'm so surprised that people don't like Sara. She's my favorite! Every time Neal is with someone else i feel like he's cheating on her even though they aren't together anymore. Love the show!


Love the show. As long as Neal wears the anklet, he's technically still in prison and Peter is responsible so he has to stay vigilant. And Neal wouldn't be Neal if he wasn't up to some kind of mischief. That's what makes it fun. I'm glad to see Matt Bomer having the opportunity to portray more than just a cool, slick character. He and Tim DeKay have been great this season. I have loved the variety of romance, adventure, fantasy,wit, and outright hilarity so far on Season 4. Alex is my favorite girlfriend (mischief), but I also like Sophie and Mya. Can't wait til January!

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