White Collar Midseason Report Card: A-

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It’s been one heck of a summer run for White Collar.

And with the USA Network smash on hiatus - and already renewed for Season 5! - now seemed like the idea time to take a look back and grade what we've seen so far on Season 4, TV Fanatic Report Card style...

White Collar Tandem

Best Episode: “Identity Crisis” was a fun episode that could have sent the cast of National Treasure running for the hills. The twists and turns regarding the Culper legacy had me wanting to hit the library for some follow-up reading. If only they knew that the treasure was real!

Best Teamwork Moment: The scene between Elizabeth, Peter, Sara and Neal in “Compromising Positions” was a delightfully unexpected moment of solidarity between the four. As awkward as it was to hear and see Elizabeth and Neal give Peter and Sara tips on how to pose for salacious photos to be used in their larger con, their comfort level with each other was intriguing.

Most Gasp Worthy Moment: Finding out that Sam was Neal’s father in “Vested Interest.” Though many saw it coming, the possibilities it opened up for the remainder of the season are endless.

Best Mozzie Quote: “Our unholy union is the only thing keeping Neal from ending up in Green Point.” Mozzie cringes when he has to ask Peter for help and makes sure we're all aware of his apprehension every time he does. This most recent reflection, however, made me laugh each time I saw it.

Looking Ahead: I’m hoping for some more Sara, more Treat Williams, Neal to find out more about his past and what the real truth is behind his childhood in witness protection.

Overall Grade: A-

Your turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give White Collar Season 4 so far?

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