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In a rare moment of empathy, Rebekah is deeply touched by Stefan and Elena’s devotion to one another.

Hell, no. Please! We had enough of this -_- Stefan was SO much fun in his ripper-days with Rebekah in the Twenties and is SO boring with Elena nowadays...


Why does it always has to be Stefan and Elena's devotion to one another? I'm a little bit frustrated to see Stefan and Elena together now in the fourth season. If you don't want Delena, then please find a great power-woman for Damon who is the opposite of Elena. Please no more triangles. I'm already afraid that I don't like the new triangle Caroline, Tyler, Klaus...

I wonder what the unexpected tragedy is about. Hopefully not someone dying because the ghost stories in the show weakened the impact of the death of a beloved charakter. You know they can come back and you don't mourn them so a lot of tension is lost :-(


the synopsis also said that Joseph Morgan would star. yay!


Am excited for the premiere..hope bonnie doesn't cause permanent damage..excited to see bonnie/jeremy work together...also hoping we would get a little stebekah action,they teased it early last season..can someone tell me if kol would be back..I like him a lot

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