The Vampire Diaries Premiere Synopsis Teases "An Unexpected Tragedy"

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A terrible price paid. Unfortunate consequences for Matt. And an unexpected tragedy.

With just a few weeks to go until The Vampire Diaries Season 4 kicks off, The CW has released its official synopsis for "Growing Pains," teasing the aforementioned events and plenty more.

Bonnie in Blood

What can you expect to go down on October 11? Well...

Elena awakens on the morning after the accident to find the thing she dreaded most has come true – she died with vampire blood in her system and now must go through the terrible transition to become a vampire…or face certain death.

Stefan promises Elena that he and Bonnie will exhaust every possible way out of the situation, but Damon is furious with his brother for letting Elena die in the first place. Bonnie pays a terrible price for her attempt to change Elena’s fate, while Damon takes out his frustration and rage on Matt.

In a rare moment of empathy, Rebekah is deeply touched by Stefan and Elena’s devotion to one another. Finally, Pastor Young (guest star Michael Reilly Burke) and the Town Council members begin rounding up the vampires and their supporters, leading to an unexpected tragedy.

Elsewhere, have you caught the first two season premiere clips? In one, Elena wakes up and learns her fate; in the other Stefan and Damon argue over how to handle it.

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In a rare moment of empathy, Rebekah is deeply touched by Stefan and Elena’s devotion to one another. Hell, no. Please! We had enough of this -_- Stefan was SO much fun in his ripper-days with Rebekah in the Twenties and is SO boring with Elena nowadays...


Why does it always has to be Stefan and Elena's devotion to one another? I'm a little bit frustrated to see Stefan and Elena together now in the fourth season. If you don't want Delena, then please find a great power-woman for Damon who is the opposite of Elena. Please no more triangles. I'm already afraid that I don't like the new triangle Caroline, Tyler, Klaus... I wonder what the unexpected tragedy is about. Hopefully not someone dying because the ghost stories in the show weakened the impact of the death of a beloved charakter. You know they can come back and you don't mourn them so a lot of tension is lost :-(


the synopsis also said that Joseph Morgan would star. yay!


Am excited for the premiere..hope bonnie doesn't cause permanent damage..excited to see bonnie/jeremy work together...also hoping we would get a little stebekah action,they teased it early last season..can someone tell me if kol would be back..I like him a lot

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