The Good Wife Review: Fights All Around

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The Good Wife Season 4 kicked off full of fight in "I Fought the Law." 

Kalinda fighting her ex-husband, the firm fighting for its financial future and Alicia fighting for her son's innocence. Each story set the stage for an intriguing season of struggle.

Fighting the Law

Kalinda's Complicated If there's one thing we know about Kalinda, it is that she's a sexual person. Male, female, it doesn't matter. She enjoys sex, knows she is sexy and will use it to manipulate people without a thought.

Last season, we also found out that she hated and feared her husband. That's what made her reaction to him oddly contradictory. She was a beast fighting her husband's proxy in her apartment and then her animal instincts kicked in again when she met up with her ex in the elevator. So, how did she end up in bed with him? Talk about an awkward car ride!

Despite my irritation at what seems to be an out of character moment for Kalinda, I'm intrigued. What is the deal with the money she supposedly took? And what will come of his relationship with the firm? Will Kalinda out him and get them to drop the case? It's a mystery, but one I'm looking forward to seeing play out.

The Forfeiture Corridor Alicia and Peter's kids have rarely hit and mostly miss as far as the series goes, but in the premiere their storyline was well thought out and it worked. They weren't annoying and added to the overall plot.

With government budgets stressed beyond their limits, it's not surprising that police departments would try to supplement with drug seizures, but illegal action is not the answer. While Alicia worked Zach's case through the legal system, Zach used the Internet to support his case, and Peter used political pressure. 

As much as Peter says he has changed this incident proved that, at least when his family is involved, he will use whatever political pressure he must to protect them. In the end, it took the combination of all three of them to get the case resolved, though it was Zach's viral video that pushed the State's Attorney to finally succumb to Peter's demands. 

It will be interesting to see if the resolution of this case has ramifications down the line for the Florrick family. Will it hurt Peter in his race for governor? Could it help or hurt Zach's future? When Zach was first pulled over and the situation escalated, I didn't expect enjoy the case, but in the end it was well done and hooked me.

The Firm's Bankruptcy The economic situation and Will's suspension finally hit the firm hard in the pocketbook, forcing it to file for bankruptcy protection. Just another hurdle for Lockhart/Gardner. With Will's suspension ending, they should be moving in the right direction. The judge, though, felt differently and assigned a Trustee to oversee the firm through this process.

The Trustee tried to pit Diane and Will against each other, but was unsuccessful. He initially came across as a foe to be reckoned with, but in the end, he proved he really is on the side of the firm. He tested the named partners and they both passed. They are stronger together as partners, than without each other.

The best move was how the Trustee got Lee to give up his plans to leave the firm. In order to survive, the firm needs the income that his division generates, which would have left with him. Lee is all about the money when it comes down to it. If he would have been named a creditor instead of a partner, he would have left millions on the table - enough to force his hand. Brilliant!

What started out as potentially an adversarial situation and relationship turned into one that should be intriguing to watch play out. The firm has to cut 30% of its staff, who will go? Could Alicia or Cary potentially be out? She did get a big raise last year, so she would stay.

The Good Wife The Good Wife, Alicia, is remaining such for now. With Peter's campaign in full swing, will she continue to be there by his side? Or will she decide to move on with her life. I've been a fan of Alicia and Will, so I was glad when she showed up with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate Will's suspension ending. Only it was a celebration that will never be ... at least for now.


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Sorry Melissa I disagree about Alicia handeling her sons case, yes there is a conflict of interest and she should of hired another firm to handle the case not hers.


I enjoyed this episode. Diane/Will relationship is the best thing about this show for me, I really hope they won't mess with that. It's awesome to see how they always have each other's back. I really don't care much about Kalinda and her troubles. Also for the first time I enjoyed Alicia's storyline here. And we never get enough Carey


This was a great start to the season! Very interested to see where this leads for Kalinda... but agree that I really don't like that after the violence she ended up in bed with her ex. Cary needs to help Kalinda get out of this so he can be with her ;)


Did anyone think it was weird that Alicia was Zach's lawyer? Not that it's illegal but I would think it was a major conflict of interest for your mother to be your lawyer. I would think in real life, she would assign it to someone else within the firm and just consult on the case...Other than that, ok episode. Solid but nothing really exciting for me


Julianna should go easy on all those lip (face) injections. She really looks like a was figure of some sort.
Kalinda's fight scene.. funny. Does she wear anything but a mini and boots?


Not feeling the whole Kalinda/Creepy guy thing, or that story line being pursued. I have always found the two children annoying, so I hope that was it with them. On the Cop/SA guys, this will undoubtedly rise up and put a kink in Peter's election aspirations, he'll probably beat it though. I half expected Nathan Lane to break into song and dance : ) Loved the way he put Lee in his place in just one or two moves! I don't think the Alicia/Will thing will go on, he's had time to think and was benched for quite a while, so he should be back working together with blondie to bring the firm back to snuff! He should meet someone who will knock him off his feet! Let Alicia rethink her part in Peter's life, are you in or are you out. Unless something clever comes down the pike the show is sputtering.


Well, I think it was an overall good show.
What I liked most was that she was allowed to say she will decide for herself. This is the way I want this show to go, or at least I hope it will go. Who reads here more, knows I am one for the W/A Team, but if it fits the overall storyline she can go to be with her husband again. I only think it should be made clear it is her choice, not because of her almost adult kids or some conventions.
I do not car who cheated first, or count ho often. I also never said Peter should burn in hell, those actors portrait people and people have flaws. I am old enough to know a failure in a relationship is never the fault of one person alone, sometimes people just start to part in ways they do not realise.
And before it starts again, this is still only a TV show :)

Beverly brooks

A good episode. I love how the writers connected all of the fighting. The way the police acted shows how political Illinois is. Of course this may true for all the states. Give us more Carey time. He and Alicia are so good together. Will seemed stale this season. I just love this show!!!


The Good Wife, my a**! Are you serious? Her intense affair with Will (her boss, no less) was okay because she had kicked Peter out of the apartment a few days earlier? Although, to many of the female fans of this show, I don't think it would have made any difference if Peter and she had been still sharing a bed. And in S1 when she had her tongue half-way down Will's throat and then tried to go back for more, what exactly was "good" about that? But I'm forgetting something,I know. Alicia should have a free pass on any transgressions she committs because of what Peter did to her. How convienent. While Peter, who was condemend by many fans to burn in Hell for what he did to Alicia and his family (I admit he was scumbag for what he did) he's accused of being the same old Peter because he risked his political career to protect his son. Let's be honest here. This guy is in a no win situation. No matter what he does or how long he does it, the majority of the viewers of TGW will think he's still a snake in the grass. What a joke.


I was very disappointed in the episode. The Kalinda scenes were pure schtick and not suitable for a show that has been as good as this in the past. There is no way in the real world Zack would have defied his mother, and the officer as well. And did Alicia seriously think that Will would want to celebrate the end of his suspension with her and not Diane? To me there were two highlights....when Peter wielded his power and when Nathan Lane basically told David Lee where he should go. I thought that scene was priceless.

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