Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Authority Vested"

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Vows and bullets were exchanged on Sons of Anarchy this week, as Tara and Jax tied the knot and Nero continued to be the coolest characters to ever grace our TV screens.

In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Dan Forcella, Chris O'Hara, Christine Orlando and Carla Day are joined by Lisa Dokter of for a breakdown of "Authority Vested." Read on and jump in...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Dan: My favorite scene was definitely Nero and Jax in the car chase. High speeds, daring turns and a bit of chicken were great, but Nero's smile and comment that he "doesn't get out much" were even better.

Chris: From a pure entertainment value, it was the game of chicken Nero played in his pickup with Pope’s boys. “I don’t get out much” was great and the whole scene came on the tails of a strong conversation between him and Jax.

Christine: Believe it or not, it was Tig and Jax barging in on Tig's daughter and her boyfriend. What they found was nothing any of them expected. Between the look on Jax's face and how he said "Wow" in response, I couldn't help but laugh.

Carla: Jax: Hey, I’m all about the fairytale, baby/Tara: So much for romance/Jax: Hey, I killed a Fed for you. Nothing says endless love like capital murder.
Love love love Jax and Tara.

Lisa: It’s always hard to choose a favorite scene when every scene is so incredible. But I have to say it had to be the scene where Jax and Nero go head to head with their “admirers.” It gave an interesting perspective into the way Nero works, but it also showed Jax’s willingness to take responsibility for his problems. Regardless of the insight into the characters, I laughed really hard watching Nero play chicken and Jax become one.


Will Jax and Tara last?
Christine: Like Jax said, he's all about the fairy tale.  eah, I think they've got as good a shot as anyone. I think the only way Tara leaves is if this life hurts the kids, which is certainly plausible. Other than that I see this being a 'til death do us part scenario. Of course, living in Charming, that ending is also quite plausible.

Chris: I think they most definitely will last. Tara’s transformation has been very apparent. She no doubt loves her man, but she also won’t ever want to prove Gemma right by not being able to hack the lifestyle and stick by her man. Tara is a new breed of “old lady.”

Dan: Oh, absolutely. I'm not sure what he sees in her, but he sees it clearly. They will stick it out until one of them - like Christine referenced - bites the big one.

Carla: Absolutely, though like most relationships they will have to overcome some difficulties. It's just that their issues are more life and death than most couples. Even if Tara has to leave for her and the boys, she will still be with Jax. They have true love.

Lisa: I hope they last and I think, given what we’ve seen from the two of them in seasons past, that they are just stubborn enough to make it work no matter the odds. They have both tried to end the relationship previously and they still can’t seem to live without each other. I really think one of them is going to have to end up dead for their love affair to end.

Who would you rather have as your sheriff, Unser or Roosevelt?
Christine: Ummm, when Unser said he never did dirty work I had to laugh. Wasn't he involved in setting up the execution of Agent Stahl a couple of seasons back? Yeah, I might go with Roosevelt.

Chris: Unser without a doubt. I liked Unser flexing his experience in front of Chief Eli. He admittedly may have gotten a little too close to the sons, but he made it work. I think Eli respected him after that talk. Also, while Unser may have turned a blind eye to things in the past, he showed his ability to separate himself and see things from a distance when he asked Eli if he had thought about any other angles to the break ins other than the Sons association. Eli tried to hang him with his question of “what does white feel like” with regard to his attack, but Unser’s answer surprised the new Chief.

Dan: If I'm a citizen it's Roosevelt. If I'm a Son, it's Unser.

Carla: Unser worked with the Sons because that helped him keep the Charming residents safe. That worked at the time. Given the current circumstances, I'm not sure either could control the situation; it's beyond their control. But I agree with Dan. If I was a Son, then Unser. A resident, then Roosevelt.

Lisa: Unser all the way. You’ve got to love a badge who’s got a heart. Not to mention, with all of the current issues with the Niners, I’m not so sure that Roosevelt isn’t on Pope’s payroll.

Opie returning to SAMCRO: Heroic or stupid?
Christine: Both. If he were smart he'd move away and start his life over, but that's not going to happen. Getting arrested to be sent to prison with his friends is stupidly heroic and I wouldn't be surprised if it got him killed.

Chris: I loved the sentiment and his dedication to “staying close,” as Gemma put it.

Dan: Stupid. It may be ridiculously stupid when the CIA gets Jax and crew out of prison and Opie is left in there to rot by himself.

Carla: Stupidly heroic, as Christine coined, is the perfect description. Though I'm not entirely sure he is back with SAMCRO in its entirety. He committed assault for Jax, not the Club. They have an indestructible bond.

Lisa: Both heroic and stupid. Considering what he’s had to endure because of the club, it really doesn’t make any sense why he would go back. But his loyalty to Jax and his earnest concern for Jax’s safety proves that he’s willing to do what he has to do to protect the club with whom he has this intense love/hate relationship. It doesn’t make sense, but it is nonetheless incredibly noble of him to make sure he is by Jax’s side in prison.

Seriously, how cool is Nero?!?
Christine: So damn cool. I know the other shoe has to drop some time, but right now I'm just enjoying watching Nero in all his glory. And I definitely want more scenes between Nero and Jax. The look on Jax face as Nero played chicken was priceless. 

Chris: Nero is the man and I think he will prove to be genuine, as well as a resource to Jax as he grows into his new role as president.

Dan: The coolest (see: answer to first question).

Carla: I guess I'm the only one that doesn't dig Nero. He's okay, but his chicken maneuver showed how reckless he can be. That scares me for Gemma. Also, what isn't he telling Gemma and Jax? There's more to him than he is letting on.

Lisa: Nero is the kind of cool that makes bad look oh so very good!

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