Sons of Anarchy Episode Photos: Nice to Meet You, Nero

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The Sons of Anarchy Season 5 premiere set one character on fire; busted the face of another; and sent multiple SAMCRO members on the run.

It's safe to say "Sovereign" was an eventful hour.

The FX thriller will follow it up with Tuesday's "Authority Vested," an episode that finds Jax getting to know Jimmy Smits' Nero Padilla a bit better, while trying to figure out how to avoid a shiv-based future in jail.

Look for Unser to also put his police hat back on and for Tig to face yet another personal crisis. Click through photos from the Sons of Anarchy installment now and visit TV Fanatic the second it concludes for my detailed review...

Nero and Jax
Gemma and Nero
SAMCRO Braintrust
Unser in Action
Beaten Unser

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