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That's how you do a premier, i was literally at the edge of my set the whole time, and my goodness Mellie is so great at being bad its inspiring. I could see why Fitz let her have it and to be honest she deserved it, yes it was harsh but i feel like she needs that sometimes, but we all know the lengths she will go to. The scene on the phone between Fitzlivia was incredible, i felt the love radiating off them and was so sad they couldn't be together.

I also saw that last scene coming, the way things happened seemed very Olivia Pope like and when Huck got in the car i knew it would be her but was still a little shock that i was right. What i want to know is who she called and why is Quinsey (nice name) so important. My gosh this episode was chalk full of everything but the kitchen sink and i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After watching this show last night with my mouth hanging open for the better part of an hour I'm still at HUH!! WOW!! OMG!! AWESOME!!


I really love this show, so happy it came back and it started as good as it ened! I think we are in for many more surprises this year. Last time we got so many hints that had a deeper meaning later on so I really paid attention to everything they said and there are tons of things where to turn on the story. If you only take the baby storyline and really listen, wow and so we every other character there... looking really forward to see more. IMHO at the moment the best show on TV.


Great premiere! I completely love Olivia Pope! Her character has a great mystery to it and hopefully it continues.


Incredible start to a new season. The Quinn reveal did not disappoint, and the last minute of this episode was definitely a shocker. I knew that Olivia had probably orchestrated Quinn's "interview" at Pope & Associates, but I never predicted that her involvement would go as far back as 2-3 years back and I certainly never would have guessed the extent of her involvement. The reason behind Olivia's involvement is probably going to be an even bigger mystery than Quinn's identity.

And I agree about Mellie. The first lady is incredible, as were the scenes between her and Fitz. I also loved the conversation near the end, between Olivia and David......actually there were a lot of terrific scenes in this episode!


Oh. Em. Gee. I literally didn't breathe for an hour! I have to bow down to Shonda Rhimes, this episode was tighter than a duck's ass, and the actors all did an amazing job, even chickenheaded Quinn Perkins..erm...Lindsey Dwyer.

Can I just say, I have a whole lot of love for Huck. If I was in trouble, I'd sure want him on my side. And I'm so glad they decided to give Bellamy Young a regular spot, Mellie is an absolute beast!

As for the last few minutes, woah! I totally never saw that coming at all. So much goodness, I just didn't want it to end.

Roll on next Thursday!


Love this show. The acting is over the top good. Olivia and Fitz, can you feel the love? Mellie, OMG what a monster, she is wonderful. We have three heavyweights going toe to toe. Great show, great writing, great intrigue, great characters. And just to be fair, everyone on this show is doing a excellent job. So Olivia knew Huck back then, looks like this was before his breakdown and he worked for the CIA then, so.........:-)


I didn't even blink. It was THAT good !


Scandal rules the school at the moment. Between The Good Wife and Revenge I didn't think I had room for more lawyers or guilty pleasure glam tv. But with Kerry Washington acting her ass off, Shonda writing the juicy storylines, mixing political intrigue with personal relationships, and a supporting cast that shines - this show truly is winning. Loved the season premiere, it answered a lot while setting us up for a helluva season.

Nothing guilty about this pleasure.


Saving my comments for roundtable tmw, but just had to say how much I love this friggin show!!!! Awesome episode, awesome review.

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