New Girl Review: Mistaken Identity

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Tonight is a good night.

After a long drought, we were treated to a pair of hilarious episodes. If you read my review of the Season 2 premiere, you know that I was a little nervous heading into the first episode of the fall.

I wanted... no, needed, it to be funny. My Tuesday nights have been so sad without you, Schmidt!

Jess Needs a Distraction

After a great kickoff at 8 p.m., "Katie" kept New Girl riding high.

Still unemployed, Jess is trying to find things to do with her time and in this episode, those things happen to be men (after a failed attempt at art and cooking). Mistaken identity is the name of the game, and Jess has no problem lying when a handsome stranger, Sam (David Walton), thinks she's his CupidMatch date. All true love comes out of a fake mutual appreciation of Creed, right?

Josh Gad is perfect as the lovable but kind of creepy Bearclaw. He almost stole Schmidt's spotlight of having the most lines on the New Girl quotes page. But it's hard to top Schmidt when he's combining basketball and sex metaphors to hit on Winston's sister.

Meanwhile, Nick thinks one of his customers at the bar is him from the future. Even though Old Nick turns out to be a crazy homeless man, I love that New Girl is the kind of show where you can have wacky sitcom relationship plots going on and, in the same episode, legitimately entertain the idea that a character might actually be a time traveller.

But what does Nick have to be sorry for?!? Are he and Jess going to get together and then break up? Will he pee all over her clothes? What a great seed to plant so early in the season. Now I'll be watching every week wondering if this is the episode where we find out.

What do you think is going to happen between Nick and Jess?

Katie Review

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New Girl Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Sam: Hi - are you Katie? I'm Sam from CupidMatch.
Jess: And I'm the girl from my dreams of you.

Winston, your sister got so hot! I'm gonna have to Shaq attack her! May I have your blessing? Because I'm gonna be like dribbling up the court, illegal sexual foul - boom! Illegal use of hands - boom!