NCIS Season Premiere Spoilers: 10 Things to Watch For!

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The NCIS Season 10 premiere doesn't air on CBS for another two weeks (9/25), but TV Fanatic was fortunate to get its virtual hands on it already, and we can assure you it will be worth the wait.

It's difficult for any season premiere to live up to a summer's worth of hype, especially following a cliffhanger of this magnitude, but by and large, "Extreme Prejudice" comes pretty close.

NOTE: Minor spoilers ahead! While we don't reveal plot points or details that we think would take away from anyone's enjoyment of the episode, you still might want to turn back now.

Without giving away too much, here are 10 things to expect in the premiere ...

Extreme Prejudice Pic

1. The title refers to a euphemism for execution. Playing on the "termination with prejudice" clause used in employment contracts, in military parlance it is understood as an order to assassinate; this is exactly how the President orders the SecNav and NCIS to proceed with the Harper Dearing case.

2. We pick up May 15, 2012, the day of the Season 9 finale, and end on September 25.

3. One of the agents in the building during the blast is light-headed and requires stitches.

4. One of the agents is described as "ripe"; Another is uncharacteristically despondent.

5. Fornell and the FBI offer to take the reins of the investigation from an emotional Gibbs.

6. The elusive Dearing is responsible for two more explosions during the episode.

7. Tony and Ziva's elevator scene(s) don't disappoint. That's all we can say.

8. Post-heart attack, Ducky names Palmer acting medical examiner, but the old man plays a key role later in the episode (the scenes between Jimmy and a hospitalized Ducky are pretty special).

9. Gibbs is seen measuring his basement for reasons unknown.

10. After being flummoxed by his adversary's games, Gibbs hatches a plan to stop Dearing once and for all that Vance reluctantly approves, and leaves the rest of the team gravely concerned.

That's all for now. Follow this link for the first footage from NCIS Season 10 if you haven't seen it, then leave a comment below with your predictions and thoughts on the upcoming premiere!

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@Sam I meant sign a new contact


Well to start with I dearly hope they do not change any of the characters. They have been great and without Ducky and Gibbs there wouldn't be a purpose for the show considering they were ther starters of the whole show from season 1. Please Don't allow Ducky to die this season. This show and Bones is my two favorite shows on and to see everything change would be terrible.


Is there any spoilers about the season 10 opening credits and what it looks like.


I miss Mike Franks. He was such a wonderful character.
Don,t let Ducky go.
Keep up the good work.


Well the Season finales always center around Gibbs or Ziva anyway, so it won't too much matter if they haven't re-signed by May. The story will likely feature some kind of Gibbs and Ziva's fate in peril theme or have one or both grappling with some major personal dilemma. They always create Gibbs or Ziva centered finales whether their contracts are up or not anyway. Since CdP recently said in an interview that she wanted to stay til the series ends, she'll probably just have her publicists play hardball for as long as they can so sweeten her package. MH seems less certain to me. I feel that either Gibbs role will change within the agency (a move up to Vance's spot?) or the show will end if he has decided that this is his last season.


I think Ziva's contract is due for renewal this year same has Gibbs, wonder if it takes as long as it did for the other three before they sign, I can't help but feel there is going to be some big changes coming in this season.


@Michael, NCIS is still the #1 show, it is a ratings powerhouse, there is not another show with ratiings even close to NCIS. It has been, is now and will continue to be (for some time) the most watched show on tv.


@Michael, I have searched TV Line & can't find anywhere where Tiva fans voted Season 8 the worst because it focused on Gibbs & Vance. Please link your source as I think you are making up facts AGAIN.


Michael, I doubt either one of them will resign at the end of this season.


It will be neat to see if Gibbs or Ziva resign the end of these year

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