NCIS Round Table: "Extreme Prejudice"

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Our review of the NCIS Season 10 premiere broke down the season finale of TV's #1 show in detail.

Now, TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Matt Richenthal and Eric Hochberger have assembled for our weekly Round Table Q&A discussion of events from this week's installment, "Extreme Prejudice."

Join in below, as we analyze the resumption and conclusion of the hunt for Dearing, the elevator scene, the lasting psychological repercussions of the attack on NCIS and a whole lot more ...


Describe this episode in one word (or two, or three, or four).

Steve: Ten seasons in, still the best (I realize that's six words).

Matt: Underwhelming, overhyped, yet solid.

Eric: Thank goodness it's back! (But kind of agree with Matt).

NCIS RT - depreciated -

Best quote or scene from "Extreme Prejudice"?

Steve: Any scene with David McCallum. Usually a supporting player, he proved what a superb actor he is. In the aftermath of Ducky's heart attack, you could just feel the anxiety and uncertainty on top of the pain.

Matt: This may be an unpopular choice, but for me it was the climactic meeting of Gibbs and Dearing. The tension was palpable thanks to the slow pacing and eerie setting, and then Dearing got what he deserved.

Eric: Three words: Kick. His. Ass. Or four words: He hurt my family.

Biggest gripe with the episode?

Steve: If they were expressly ordered to proceed with "Extreme Prejudice" (below), why didn't Fornell's FBI team take Dearing out when they had the chance? Also, how did he escape out of a window that small?

Matt: Too little Tim? All episodes can't feature all the team members equally, but hopefully he isn't marginalized over the long term. McGee's the man and deserves his due ... especially after that shrapnel wound.

Eric: Some may have thought the Gibbs-Dearing showdown at the end was appropriate in a way, but I didn't care for it. He went down too easily/quietly for a mastermind capable of that kind of terrorism.

Tony and Ziva in the elevator: Just right, or just do it already?

Steve: Just right, I think ... great elevator scenes this week. If it ain't broke ...

Matt: Regarding this week, I would've liked to have seen more dialogue in the elevator. I felt like it just got going by the time they were rescued. Still not sure they should ever be a full-fledged couple, however.

Eric: You know, I think the will-they-or-won't-they attention given to Tony and Ziva is overblown. It's just one component of a terrific ensemble show. That said, it's now Season 10, and I wouldn't mind seeing them explore a real relationship, as long as it didn't completely overwhelm the rest of the cast. Just go there already, Gary.

NCIS team MVP of the week?

Steve: Ducky and Palmer share this week's honors. Not only were their scenes together some of the best, but it was great to see the old man return and aid his understudy, uncovering that critical clue.

Matt: Gibbs devised the strategy change that led him to the elusive suspect, then took him down ... case closed! It's a team effort, I know, but the fearless leader truly took the lead in this particular case.

Eric: I can't really give it to my girl this week, since she was so shaken up. I want good back too, Abbs. I guess I'll go with a total copout of an answer and give it to everyone equally, by virtue of surviving!

Miscellaneous thoughts on the season premiere?

Steve: Nice to see the newly-promoted Brian Dietzen in the opening credits!

Matt: Hopefully they use the bombing as an excuse to re-paint those orange walls.

Eric: Loved the closing voiceover scene with Gibbs watching over his family.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

Steve: In the immediate future, how the team works through the lingering psychological trauma now that the Dearing case is officially closed. Down the road ... finding out why Gibbs is measuring the basement!

Matt: Hopefully a return to the show's core dynamics, which are still present for the most part, but do lack from time to time. Also, the exploration of PTSD and our heroes overcoming even greater obstacles.

Eric: One word, after seeing next week's promo: ABBY!

What's your take on these issues of the week on NCIS? Discuss below!

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@Dani LOLOL! "Johnny Rainclouds?" snort! The "long defunct" mary sue accusation? Long defunct by who - you? C'mon take the mary sue litmus test on google. One flaw though - it only went as high as 8, for how many languages the character could speak.


@Eutrophicated1 Where I "work"? I'LL never tell ;-) I could only be forced to divulge"Need to Know" basis, and you most certainly do not need to know!! He he. The "Play" may be the "thing", but the TRUTH is the LIGHT, always. Cheers!!!


September 29th, 2012 9:17 PM Correction: Thank you for that, MzLady. Guess we know where you work, heh heh. "The play's the Thing".


@SAM Don't even worry about nonsensical comments from haters. Ziva could never be "MarySue-ish" if she tried! The only ones foolish enough to try and mask their disdain by pulling out the LONG-defunct "Mary Sue" accusation are the jealous "Johnny Rainclouds" of the world. Misery loves company.


Correction: Actually, no.. Nat is 200% correct: Leroy J. GIBBS is THE Preminent Star of NCIS, and always will be. He is supported by a FANTASTIC Cast of Characters that fans worldwide have come to love, but "the show" would NEVER thrive without the Boss. No Gibbs = No NCIS. REMINDER TO ALL NCIS FANS: Let's all be ready to join the celebration of the STAR of NCIS, Mr. Mark Harmon himself, as he gets ready to receive his STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this coming Monday!! A tremendous honor for a tremendous Star!! Yaaay!!! :-D


Happy to see Brian Dietzen as a regular. He's been in the background a long time. I'm looking forward to see how they develop his character as a regular.


Just one more thing(heh heh) the process of storyline development for NCIS might need improving:
1. there needs to be something like an index card list of characters, which includes the 10 most significant list of character traits for each character. The storylines for a given set of episodes need to adhere to this list consistently. 2. A set of detailed storyboards needs to be set up for each storyline, the plots of which need to be crosschecked for consistency and completeness. No more holes in plot-logic, please.


Re: Nat
September 28th, 2012 12:48 PM
Speaking of Gibbs/Dearing, people complaining about "not enough Tony" in THIS ep completely missed the entire storyline. GIBBS is the Star of NCIS, and THIS episode rightfully featured HIM, in the end. This was GIBBS' show - not Tony's. Sorry, Nat, the storyline IS the star of the show; no amount of good acting can save a storyline that falls flat. The Harper Dearing storyline was too big for 5 eps. and, as presented, it fell flat. IMHO one more hour couldn't have saved it. Whoever decided to try it, should have waited to use it. It seemed a waste of a good idea.


An add on to my last comment: Just type mary sue into a google search and the mary sue test option comes right up, if you're curious.


I went to a site - it may have been a wiki site? (sorry can't remember) - that had a pretty extensive test for determining whether or not a character was a Mary Sue. Some of it was non applicable since a Mary Sue is a literary designation and Mary Sues are often written into fantasy genres, but even with skipping a lot of non applicable questions, Ziva's very high score left no doubt about her status as a Mary Sue.

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