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After the failed attempt to bring down the Garuda, the team mourned the loss of Ciara and positioned themselves to win the next battle on Lost Girl's "Into the Dark."

The much awaited "talk" between Bo and Trick finally happened. Yes, Bo and Trick are related, but he is not her father. Instead he is her grandfather, Aife's father. In so many ways that makes sense; it explains Trick's protectiveness of Bo and his disappointment in Aife.

Bo Prepares For Battle

Throughout the episode, I kept waiting for Bo to use her blood to control a situation. Even though she now knows of her blood's potency, she never even considered using it. That's a positive sign that she won't follow her mother's path. Will she use it to defeat the Garuda? I wouldn't be surprised.

With Bo's background and power in place, there were two other necessary components she needed in order to complete her team for the next battle against the Garuda. The Nain Rouge was convinced to help Bo and revealed that the Wolf Spirit was correct -- Dyson will play a "significant" role. She also said that Bo must work with the Dark Fae to overcome the Garuda.

Kenzi realized that the only way Dyson would be useful in the fight was for him to get his love back. After their first failed attempt to trade for his love, Kenzi went in full-force Kenzi-mode arriving at the Norn's with a chain saw and starting cutting into the Norn's tree. Kenzi has a passion and dedication to her friends that is unrivaled. She got Dyson his love back, but at what cost? What was that black goop that got on Kenzi when the bottle fell? Given the Norn's satisfied reaction, Kenzi looks to once again be Fae-infected. I fear that this time it will be of the more permanent kind.

Dyson got his love back, but he didn't tell Bo. Is it possible he got his ability to love back, but not his actual love for Bo? That was unclear, but he did give Bo a loving look at the Dal. The priority right now is fighting the Garuda, so we will have to wait for now. Will we find out in the finale? I hope so, it would be awful to have to wait until January.

While Kenzi dealt with getting Dyson prepared for the fight, Bo spent her time getting the right Dark Fae on their team -- Vex. I love Vex. He's the perfect Dark Fae to help in their battle, though Ryan would have been a decent choice too. But, Vex's powers will be of greater assistance.

How awesome was Bo's manipulation of The Morrigan? Hot! Anna Silk was born to play a succubus; she could be sensual with a wall. The downside is that The Morrigan will now be after Bo, though how much of a threat could she be compared to the Garuda?

With her new team together at the Dal, Bo claimed her role as the champion. Everyone agreed to help, including Vex. The Garuda versuses Bo and team showdown is looking to be an epic battle. One that the Fae are sure to win, but at what cost?

In addition to gaining a grandfather, Bo also moved closer to a relationship with Lauren. They shared a heartwarming moment when Bo admitted to Lauren her true feelings. For the first time since they met, both Bo and Lauren are in a position to truly be together. Bo isn't involved with anyone, while Lauren is free of her commitment to Nadia and at least for now to The Ash. Kenzi is even supportive of their relationship.

The complication -- Dyson. What will Bo do if Dyson is in love with her again? Will her feelings for him resurface? Or, have they been completely wiped out? A love triangle in the making? Personally, I'm not sure who I want Bo to be with at this point. She cares about and loves them both. As a succubus, will she just end up hurting either or both of them

Lastly, what the heck was that black smoke thingy behind Trick? Did the Lost Smoke Monster arrive on Lost Girl?

Next Friday is the Lost Girl Season 2 finale. How would you like the season to end? Who do you think Bo should partner with? Lauren? Dyson? Neither? Or, should she remain an uncommitted succubus? (Please no spoilers if you have already seen the finale)

Into the Dark Review

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