Lost Girl Review: Blood Bond

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The Garuda versus Bo and her blood united team was the mission in the season 2 finale of Lost Girl, "Flesh and Blood." The Garuda didn't stand a chance, though the battle was not without some close calls.

While I never expected any of the core team to be at risk, I was surprised everyone made it out alive. As soon as Hale's sister showed up, I thought she would be the sacrificial goner. Instead, there were a few close calls with Vex breaking his arm, Kenzi getting nearly sliced in half and Trick being posessed by the Garuda.

But they all survived.

Bo & Lauren Argue With Trick

The revelation from the Garuda fight was the manifestation of Bo's blood power and a "Dark Bo." It was heartening to see that Bo was concerned about turning into her mother. She went to great lengths to make sure that didn't happen.

When Bo made Kenzi promise to kill her if she was overtaken with power was one of the most heartbreaking moments on Lost Girl. The bond between Bo and Kenzi is as strong as any two people can be to each other. It was because of that that Kenzi agreed to do the unthinkable -- kill Bo. 

Even when Kenzi was near death, her first concern was keeping her promise to Bo. She kept up her end of the deal, even though Bo broke it out of the love for Trick. Though, in that moment, Bo was fine; it wasn't until later that she started to turn dark. 

While Kenzi broke the blood bond between the team, the darkness didn't entirely leave Bo. The end was scary. How much has Bo turned? Will she be able to control it? Or, is she destined to turn dark?

Bo wasn't the only one changed. Kenzi is undergoing a transformation herself due to the black goop that got on her at the Norn's. Will she become permanently Fae-infected? She's had so many close calls that it wouldn't be unexpected. Is it possible for a human to become a Fae? Or, gain Fae powers?

When Lost Girl returns for season 3, will we get the Bo and Kenzi that we love back? Or, will they be taken to the dark side? We will have to wait until January to find out. It will also be months before we find out how Bo will react to Dyson having his love back.

At this point, Bo is passionately in love with Lauren. Their kiss -- wow! But, Dyson was correct that if Lauren wants to get out from under the Ash's control, now is the time to do it. I expect that Lauren would find that price too high. She loves Bo and if she has to stay with the Ash to remain with Bo, she'll do it.

Besides, now that Dyson has his love back, he offered that option to Lauren to free the path to Bo. It's intriguing that he hasn't told Bo yet. Did he wait because he didn't want to create a distraction during their Garuda fight? Is he afraid of her response? Does he see she is happy with Lauren and doesn't want to disrupt that? His intentions have been unclear. 

Whenever Bo finds out, it will be a moment to watch. Will she jump into his arms? Or, will she remain faithful to Lauren? As you see there are lots of questions about Bo and her loves and those are answers we will have to wait for season 3 to get.

Were you happy with the finale? What do you want to see happen next season?


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I totally give up. It keeps eating comments and posting partials and some just disappear entirely. This is too annoying to deal with, make the comment box limits match the character count of the posting limit. I don't care this much, see ya in season 3. When hopefully we'll all have moved past the annoying triangle discussion.


(3) Bo didn't want a commitment to Dyson reactionarily to Lauren's betrayal. She wanted a commitment from morning 1. Remember Kayla? And how sad Bo was, because she thought they were exclusive? Dyson said he cared in Vexed, that was the change. He stopped keeping her at arms length and then they slowly came together for realsies. It probably helped at that point that Lauren had betrayed her, because otherwise at that stage there might have been a competition, but since Lauren did, she didn't get to fight that round. (4) A "succubus just starting out"? Making sexual decisions for your patient based on your preferences (especially when you have skin in the game) is unprofessional and an abuse of power. Lauren had no right to pull a doctor's orders card against anyone Bo chose to heal with that wasn't her. It was jealousy and it was snarky. Sure the lab is the one place Lauren felt comfortable enough to assert some authority, hey let's break lots of privacy and professional rules when I give Dyson a physical because it makes me feel powerful, and I can caress naked women all I want in my lab it is totally something doctors do to their naked patients. I respect that she needed to get some mojo going, but abusing the doctor-patient relationship is not the way to do it.


She's not a "monster standing between Dyson and Bo" that was the Norn. Lauren behaved very selflessly up to a point with Nadia, the point was when Nadia asked about other relationships Lauren may have had during her coma and then it was all about Lauren again. Lauren was also very loyal to the first Ash. But she does have a track record of keeping things to herself if she thinks they might reflect badly on her (what her necklace means, that she called security to incinerate the main character (Hale really appreciated that I'm sure), that the Ash sent her to distract Bo, that she has a comatose girlfriend that she visits every day and has little chats with, that Bo went all Aife when she chi sucked the room of lich et al, that she had two flings with Bo and wasn't so strong and untouched for 5 years). But also that she is emotionally "okay" with Bo having other partners when clearly she isn't. This is not the same as saying "we're not exclusive" that doesn't mean he was happy with it. It was the decision that he made to keep Bo at a distance before he (and Trick) decided if he (they) could trust her. That's not a lie, Bo could have had sex with anyone she wanted, she just didn't. Dyson did have to like he he just couldn't cry hey you weren't supposed to sleep with anyone else.


1) Dyson referring to her methods of approach as "sleazy" was actually a direct jab at her - hence her looking hurt by his remark. She did not think those people were horrid. She was clearly tempted about the woman's invite and was willing - until Dyson cut her off. 2) No arguments here. 3) Um, no because: 1) She wasn't lying. A Succubus who is just starting to figure out who she is WOULD be better off with someone less "well-traveled". A medical opinion isn't less correct because it happens to mirror her own. b) She said it was HER choice and conversation was over.


One last thing and then I'm done with my rant. Neither character is perfect. They have both done things for Bo out of their love for her. Both have had dramatic consequences. They both love Bo and are jealous of one another and at the prospect of her sleeping with other people. Again the difference being that one is more accepting of her nature because she is selfless the other, not so much because it is a direction conflict with his need for control. The only way that the gap between them can be bridged is by them respecting, accepting and trusting in Bo's love for them and their love for Bo. Rant done.


They have also damaged Lauren as a character, particularly with the Nadia arc. Not because she ommited the truth, but because of the nonsensical writing for her character throughout mid-season. I agree with whomever said the triangle doesn't do Dyson or Lauren any favors. They create conflict by making Dyson look like a selfish jerk and by making Lauren look shady. Saint Bo walks away with everything.


Guy perspective. That "simple scene" is what ruined their relationship for me. The first time he slept with Bo he was already asking about her interest in sleeping with other people. He was not happy with Bo's interest in Lauren and yet he told her it was her choice to make. He was not lying to himself. He was aknowledging and respecting her right to choose. That was the old Dyson I liked and respected above every other character on the show. Episode 12 turned his character upside down. Suddenly he no longer respects her right to choose. He wants her all for himself. He is no longer acknowleding, he is putting his needs above hers. And then it became all about him. And then he got his love back and there were clear indications the writers are sticking with the late season 1/season 2 pattern other than with their original premise of the character, which is a damn shame because he was once my favorite character.


4) No, that is YOUR problem with the picture especially when you are being hypocritical to begin with. Dyson "lied" for most of season 1 when Bo asked him if it was ok for her to sleep with other people. He was clearly not ok, but at the time he let her make her own choices. And she did. He acknowledged it and respected it. Lauren never said she was "cool". She said the fact Bo slept with someone (to heal) was "Ok" because "it's who you are". That is no lie. Bo knows Lauren is jealous (RE her talk with Kenzi in Vexed) and knows that it hurts her. And yet she is reassured by the fact that Lauren understands this is something Bo needs in spite of how she feels. And that's what it all comes down to. Bo doesn't have to TRY to change who she is because Lauren is not expecting that from her. THAT's where the discrepancy is.


Bo loves them both. This whole notion of Bo being monogamous with either of them is stupid. She may want to be in a committed relationship but physically she just can't. She will kill Dyson if she only feeds from him eventually.Bo knows how fragile Lauren is as a human which is why she refuses to feed from her. And again, really Team Dyson how many times do we need to read about 1.12? We know that is like your holiest chapter of the Bo/Dyson bible, but convenient that you always always leave out Bo's shift in commitment to Dyson because Lauren was out of the picture. I'm certainly not delusional enough to think that Bo and Lauren developed in S2 because of some divine love, no it happened because Dyson was out of the picture.


Well now isn't this an interesting discussion.But let's cut all the bullcrap and get down to the nitty gritty shall we? Dyson, by his nature (which he has admitted and I commend him for) is about control it's good and bad because to control Bo means he can protect Bo, but to control her also means that he's keeping her from learning to fight on her own. It is a duality in character that is his greatest asset but his greatest flaw. I'm sorry but for those of you that see Lauren as nothing more than manipulative and a liar are the ones not seeing the whole picture. By her nature she is selfless not selfish. Is she a saint? Far from it, but she is not the monster that is keeping Dyson away from Bo.

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