Grey's Anatomy Scoop: Latest on Alex, Arizona & Callie

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A handful of Grey's Anatomy teasers for us to tackle today as the Season 9 premiere approaches.

With just 15 days to go, here's the latest scoop, via Michael Ausiello, on various GA characters:


Alex's much-anticiapted love interest will be someone new, not a character we've met before.

Before any love connection, however, creator Shonda Rhimes says he "paints himself into a corner."

“In the aftermath of being the person who was supposed to be on the plane but who didn’t get on the plane, Alex has filled the void that he had been feeling in his life with a lot of sex with a lot of people."

Arizona's “really interesting journey” is "one of the journeys I’m most proud of. The acting has been incredible. We just want to let it be what it is,” says Rhimes, reluctant to reveal Grey's Anatomy spoilers in this case.

Callie's “shared experience” of the crash with Derek brings them closer together. “Even though Callie wasn’t in the crash herself, they both experienced some pretty traumatic things because of it," Rhimes says.

"Also, Callie is going to be working in a pretty interesting way to fix Derek’s hand.”

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EMT: I think we lost her.
EMT 2: No we didn't!
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