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Go Rachel! Drop that dead weight anchor from your past. You are way too young to be tied down. I seriously hope Finchel breaks up. So sick of them. I don't mind her with Brody. I agree that he brings out the best in her. But let her be single for awhile. I want to see Rachel through her struggles without needing a man. RM needs to realise that women don't need rescuing all the time.


My bet is on 2 out off three break up

& I'm agreeing with @meg Brody is just so freaking hot and if Rach doesn't take him i will!


Gabriella - They said sam would be getting a new g/f this season, so guessing him and Mercedes called it quits.

I'm hoping Finn & Rachel will break up (Sorry Finchel fans) I think Brody is bringing out the best of her. I much prefer Rachel now she's in NY. xo


I want Finchel to break up. I think Brochle is pretty good. And as I said in another post, what is going on with SAMCEDES!!!??? Is it a long distance relationship or something??? Brittana is pretty good too, especially because they are BFFS. I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE!!!


Santana and Brittney or Fin and Rachel

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