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I thought it was a really appropriate and poignant ending for the ponds. Amelia has always been afraid of the angels and they just seemed like such a big monster for her. They were thinking of leaving anyway and it was time for them to go. This was done in a way that the doctor will finally have to let them go and experience some character growth of his own. Given that he was so attached to them as family this may even be a bigger loss for him than Donna or Rose. I do wish they had done this as a two parter though. Seems like that would have let them develop the story and the angels and the loss of the ponds more.

First Aid Kit and Michael are right something about the crossed timelines and the time vortexes created by the angels prevent the tardis from going back to visit. Where River has the the Time Wristwatch thing that can maneuver through "traffic."


A bit contrived but a good episode.


I thought the reason the Doctor couldn't go back was because he said that causing the parodox made it impossible for the TARDIS to get back to 1938. River has her braclet so I think that's how she can get back. Loved the episode, Definatly one of my favorites ever!


Emotionally, it was an episode designed to tug at your heart strings and to make you cry. And it delivered that pretty effortlessly. I do love how Matt Smith can transition from the silly, cookie, ridiculous Doctor to someone who makes you feel just how hard it is for the Doctor to see the people he loves leave him (yet again).

I have a feeling that the Doctor cannot go back in time and see Amy and Rory because he would risk interfering with his own timeline and every time that happens, the world is in grave danger basically. It is one of the rules of the show. The Doctor cannot interfere with events in his own life. River does not have that restriction so she has more flexibility to move around in her timeline without taking a risk of causing some major cataclysm.

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